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Efficient Integration of Cargo Transport Modes & Nodes in CADSES area (IMONODE)
Start date: Nov 30, 2002, End date: Oct 29, 2005 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The IMONODE project will try to explore the options and to suggest solutions and solid actions in order to enhance the greater use of, and the accessibility to the transportation axes no V and X, for freight transport with priority on rail. The emphasis is on rail because if no specific actions are taken it will continue to loose ground against road transport and this is contrary to the declared Transport policy of the EU. For the areas of CADSES countries that had a long tradition of rail supremacy over road, this is a crucial issue and a very urgent objective to pursue. Achievements: Imonode has achieved the following results: - Assessment of intermodal transport demand at regional level: The GIS-based socio-economic evaluation model of the study area regions (NUTS II & III) provides results concerning categorisation and ranking of the regions according to various socio-economic criteria, their potential for intermodal transport development and future transport demand forecast at regional level. - Recognition and assessment of the modal and intermodal freight terminals in the CADSES area. The role of the terminals in intermodal transport chains operations has been assessed and bottleneck alleviation proposals have been identified along Corridors X and V as well as the Adriatic-Ionian Corridor. - Identification of the main intermodal corridors to be developed according to the current demand and supply characteristics of the CADSES area, the trends in the supply chain set-ups and logistics industry - Consolidation of the three intermodal freight transport potential scenarios based on demand, existing and planned infrastructure and terminals, intermodal chain set-ups, logistics trends and IMONODE Intermodal Corridors. - Demonstrators: Four demonstrators which consolidated business cases for specific terminals' development, assessed the economic feasibility for each terminal and examined alternative private-public partnership schemes for the terminals' infrastructure development and operation have been performed as part of the project. IMONODE has produced five publications compiling all project results and has sent them to interested parties in the CADSES area. These publications are also available online from
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