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Efficient Dual Clutch Şanzıman Stajı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The follow of technology in the automotive sector is becoming almost impossible in line with the continuous developments. As a matter of fact, the training received 15-20 years ago can become useless in relation to the developments. The modern vehicles equipped with the innovative systems in the framework of the competition in the sector and customer satisfaction force the ones in the sector to follow the technological development continuously and renew. Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) Gearbox Technology a major innovation in the automobile world and even accepted a revolution is one of the developments in the field. This technology has been used especially by Renault and Dacia and by the giant car companies such as Ford, Volvo, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, Bugatti, Skoda and Seat with different names in recent years. Nobody except for the technicians trained specially can develop the professional skills in these gearboxes that were developed completely for comfort, serial use and saving, offer the comfort of an automatic gearbox and the dynamism of manual gearbox together and are rapidly spreading while they provide fuel economy and are eco-friendly; and nobody can interfere in EDC technology including maintenance and repairs. These difficulties in the sector are transferred to our teachers by the enterprises and our institutions are expected to meet the need for qualified staff. But our schools don't have any other knowledge and experience in this new technology apart from the superficial theoretical information gained through personal effort by our teachers. A consortium has been formed among Kastamonu Vehicle Vocational Training Center (applicant organization), Kayseri Develi Vocational Training Center and Reşadiye Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. The aim of our project is to bring our teachers, students and apprentices together with this new EDC Automatic Gearbox Technology and procure them to gain professional knowledge and skills in this technology through a practice intensive training process in the enterprises working in cooperation with modern and well-equipped schools in Europe. For this purpose, a 3-week traineeship program will be carried out in the competent car services in cooperation with the vocational training institutions in Sweden, Poland and Lithuanian as learner mobility between 14/02/2016- 06/03/2016 Within the project, in which 14 students from Reşadiye Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, 14 apprentices from Vehicle Vocational Training Center, 14 apprentices from Develi Vocational Training Center and 3 accompanying teachers will participate, the structure, parts, operation, control and maintenance of Mechatronic Units, Electronic Units and Electro-hydraulic units of EDC systems will be learned, the control and maintenance of sensors, valves and actors of the system, the participants will gain knowledge and experience in demounting, control, assemblage and mounting on the vehicle and control with diagnostic test devices of EDC gearboxes. The expected outcomes and impacts of our project; * The participants will have innovative knowledge and skills in EDC gearbox technology and reach the level of professional expertise. * The quality and capacity of our vocational training centers will be increased. * A sustainable partnership ground will be formed with a broad-based partnership. * EDC gearbox technology as a modern and innovative system will be transferred to our institutions by the accompanying teachers and to the private sector by the students and apprentices. The team work spirit, entrepreneurial spirit and socialization of the participants will be ensured and their general and vocational foreign language will be improved. Our project will be implemented with the methodological steps of informing and guidance, training planning, determination of commitments and responsibilities, preparation, logistical support, monitoring, certification, evaluation and dissemination in the line with the principles of "European Quality Charter for Mobility". The long term benefits of the project will be the formation of more quality, technological and modern training facilities after our branch teachers and students have reached the level of professional expertise in EDC Gearbox Technology, the adaptation to the changing technology in the automotive sector following the share of the acquisitions in school-sector cooperation and the provision of our students' employment in the sector as they deserve.

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