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EFCB - European Foundation Certificate in Banking

The EFCB project will design, develop and introduce a standard, foundation-level certificate across the European banking industry.The project aims to work with young banking personnel (at the start of their career), in addition to individual employers from the banking sector and professionals from national bank training institutes, in the introduction of a European foundation-level certificate in Banking.Due to the wide-ranging partner base (20 partners across 17 countries) there will be certain supplementary elements of the certificate, which might change (from country to country), however there will be a core curriculum which will be taught across the range of partner countries. The core curriculum is expected to include; introduction to financial services, banking practice and operations, accounting, economics, marketing/selling, information technology, law and management/supervision.The certificate will be offered through a range of different distance-learning methods with certain partners further considering web-based learning options. Acceptance of the proposed common certification model is further guaranteed with each of the project partners representing a lead organisation in European banking thus having direct impact upon the sector.Beyond development for the banking sector, the outcomes of the project might then be considered and adapted for use within other sectors (i.e. insurance) where there might be an overlap in subject matter.
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