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Εφαρμογή εναλλακτικών μεθόδων στη διδασκαλία των γλωσσικών μαθημάτων μέσα από την ευρωπαϊκή εμπειρία
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project, entitled “Implementation of alternative methods in teaching Ancient and Modern Greek, Literature, English, French and German through European experience”, is an attempt at modernizing and upgrading our school by introducing innovative methods of teaching (e.g. introduction of digital media in teaching, experiential learning, teaching outdoors, co-operative learning) and utilizing the experience of advanced European educational systems. For the achievement of this goal we have chosen programmes which not only provide the necessary theoretical background, but also give the participants the chance to attend (job-shadowing) applied examples inside and outside the classroom, so that all the trainees will obtain, through “experiential learning”, all the necessary knowledge and experience on specific teaching techniques. Another relevant objective we have set under the project KA1 is the education on outdoor teaching and the use of the environs of our school as an educational tool and a place of learning. Furthermore, it is very important to us that we continue our effort to open our school towards Europe, something we have been running for three years now with the In-Service Training of Lifelong Learning Programme-Commenius, e-Twinning Programmes and related Programmes of School Partnerships, programmes that we have already completed, and that have helped us identify our deficiencies as an educational institution by comparing our school with other European schools that we came in contact with. Our targeted, and then intergrated within an overall project, training of our teachers through KA1, as well as the opportunity we will have to analyze systematically advanced educational systems of Europe, will help us upgrade our teaching and give it a wider European orientation. Moreover, another significant goal is the development of intercultural relationships among our colleagues through their collaboration with other European teachers without neglecting the ultimate objective which is to lay the foundations for further European collaborations within programmes such as e-Twinning, KA2. In this way, a great chance is given, as more and more teachers as well as students are encouraged to take part in such procedures and get the maximum possible benefits. The participating teachers are efficient, have long-time teaching experience and have already dealt with European programmes. Their interest in continuous self-improvement concerning the teaching methods they use, and also their previous European experience, have been the driving force behind the conception and layout of this project, a project which is initially orientated towards the implementation of innovative teaching methods in Greek, Literature and Languages (based on the certain specialized participant teachers who have expressed interest and willingness to take part in this). Our next goal will be a second phase where we will expand to include the teachers of other subjects in our school, taking advantage of the powerful impact which we expect our project will have on the whole of our educational community.

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