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EEVT - Trans European Environment Training

The project will focus on surveying and developing a system to provide information on materials that can be used through Open and Distance Learning in the field of Environmental Training. This will be based on the need to develop new approaches to Lifelong Learning in a transversal dimension related to the environmental sector. In this sense, the project intends to actively contribute to improving the quality of VET, based on three pillars: Trainers, Materials and Methodologies. Simultaneously, they will establish multinational partnerships and set up innovative methodologies based on the use of new technologies. The activities will be divided into three areas:° Materials - identification, selection, registration and evaluation in a database;° Vocational Training - identification of the training Systems of each participating country and of the appropriate Vocational Training courses to be used in ODL;Index of Materials and Vocational Training - link to the national databases through the Internet. The results will be presented in a CD-ROM version in all the partnership languages.
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