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The aim of the project is to make pupils, their families and teachers aware energy is a finite resource and has to be understood, valued and sustained. Pupils are actively taking responsibility in publishing a common magazine 3 times a year and a futuristic town.The project will be divided into two years. 1)The first year will look at how energy is used and sourced today. We will be active on three levels : country/family/school.2) The second year will consider how energy may be conserved and new energy sources found. Our project title is ‘eEnergies’. The first year will be “eEnergies TODAY’ and the second year will be ‘eEnergies TOMORROW’ By ‘eEnergies’ we are suggesting that this is “European energies”, “Educational energies” and “Enterprising energies”. We also investigated energies in the individual. In the Danish partnerschool pupils had a whole project week on that topic , and also in their film project.First year activities will include a questionnaire about current energy uses, each school will implement an energy-saving project for the school, creative subjects will produce artworks to be exchanged, an e-magazine on energy, science projecs and quizzes.After one year pupils should have had the experience that they can actually save money by reducing their usage of energy and what is more, decreasing their ecological footprint. Actually applying the Lifelong Energy Saving Programme in other words.Second year activities will all lead to designing a common futuristic town. There will also be an online magazine which will deal with the evolution of designing the futuristic town. Articles written by pupils will be published/posted on a regular basis.Pupils will continue and assess our individual energy saving projects, we will compare ideas for energy saving strategies between partner schools and we will examine the global effects of local energy uses . There will be exhibitions on open school days.
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