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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Sep 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"CINEMA EDUCATIONAL: FROM NON-FORMAL LEARNING ADAPTATION TO A CURRICULUM" is a Strategic Partnerships addressing more than one field project aimed at creating a network at European level where youth organizations with major European recognition in the field of educational film, develop curricular proposals adapted to various EU countries to introduce this type of film in the school environment as a useful tool to develop skills of children. And enhance the Spanish language in the EU. This initiative is a pilot project with the collaboration of the Valencia’s Department of Education's willingness to gradually introduce the film education in schools. Results for "CINEMA EDUCATIONAL: FROM NON-FORMAL LEARNING ADAPTATION TO A CURRICULUM" can be a first look at the upcoming adaptation of educational curricula to promote ICT and digital competence. The inclusion of this methodological tool is essential in learning, as the educational film offers an insights into the study of society, promoting interculturalism through knowledge of different cultures, form views about our history and future events, contact values, ideas, thoughts, attitudes, norms ... These and other aspects make the educational film a resource that should be promoted among teachers, but also integrating them into the curriculum at all levels. Remarks: - Literacy training to students in the domain of codes and expressive languages of these means, ie not only know the film or television language, but also interpret and read between the lines, look beyond the information they receive, they make it own and useful for them. - Being European citizens who can cope intelligently on a social media context that they are not swayed by what the media offer, to develop a critical attitude towards the information they receive. Through the work done in a balanced way by four institutions in the field of educational film from England, Hungary, Italy and Spain and more than twenty experts and teachers, virtual meetings at least every two months will be developed (with four international meetings) and two major events multipliers to obtain results that would not be possible if it were not for the heterogeneous nature (educational film associations and schools), the experience of the partners and networking. Objectives could not be achieved by activities carried out in just one country. The main objective is the creation of curricula that integrate educational film as a teaching tool adapted to the curriculum of the participating EU countries. Furthermore, a methodological guide, multiple audiovisual creations, various outreach activities will be made and presentation of results to authorities and other multipliers made by each of the partners. These results will be significant due to its intersectoral nature not only in education but also in the field of youth due to the methodology that combines ICT, the REA, new technologies and the formal and non-formal education. These activities convert the educational cinema from seeing films to a new methodological tool who builds a new educational curriculum in order to promote non-formal education in schools. We hope that in coming years the project nods the groundwork for the integration of educational cinema in the schools across Europe with curricula adapted to the development of the key skills of children and to build international ties where young people develop their European citizenship and create common projects, creative and entrepreneurs.
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