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educational challenge for Norwich kids
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ,,Developing competences for integrative education of small children" including aspects of providing good health and nutrition standards for preschoolers and their parents in catchment areas of kindergartens, inhabited by disabled children and socially deprived families, is going on in Norwich, a middle-sized town in Norfolk, GB. Two flows for eight trainees each, are plannedfor July 2016 and July 2017. Each flow will last 18 days. The sending out vocational school Alfons Goppel in Schweinfurt has been working on the development of teaching guidelines concerning measures to integrate preschool children with special curriculum requirements for some years. BSZ Alfons Goppel has also worked on the development of concepts of how to provide support to socially disadvantaged families in day-care centres. Our partner, the EEYC (Earlham Early Years Centre) in Norwich, realizes this concept of inclusion of disabled and socially deprived inner city families very successfully.It offers families and their children who are at risk of developing a disability, pedagogical guidance, care and encouragement as well as practical support in getting along with their problems. Thus the EEYC enables children who suffer -or could suffer from discrimination in the future, to get the best pedagogical and administrative support and help to take part in normal every-day life. Bedies their outstanding work in this field, the EEYC acts as a training supervisor for educational staff in day-care centers in Norwich. The teachers of EEYC therefore welcome the chance of gaining insight into the German system and into this international exchange programme in order to pass on new ideas and experience to their own students and teachers. lnclusion, practiced at the EEYC, may be an example of "good practice" for our students and give them new and stimulating ideas for child-care centres here in Germany.Students of BSZ Alfons Goppel who are doing their initial vocational training will participate in the Erasmus+ Programme. They are in the first or second year of their training to become certified nursery nurses respectively the third year of training to be professional housekeepers. During their stay in Norwich they will do placements in the different departments of EEYC. They will learn about the special environments and needs of preschool children in deprived families. Furthermore they will be involved in providing education and care for them. Both partners plan to expand the program in the near future to offer more students a work placement in Norwich. As our partner in Norwich is interested in getting information about the well- organized nutrition- and health programmes in German kindergartens, the students will work out the details for a "Health Day" including suitable physical exercises (project: Music and dance) and healthy food for children. Preparing this special event the students will have to acquire knowledge about the British Health System. They will have to compare it with the German "Gesundheitssystem". The activity is aimed at finding positive provisions in the systems of both countries and at exchanging information on them. Results of this research will be integrated into the training and education of German and English staff in child-care centres. New findings and interesting aspects can be encentives for teachers and nursery school assistants. Child-care centres and catering systems in Germany where the students will continue their training after the stay in Norwich, will profit from the experience the students made during their placement. They will also carry out a critical analysis of the British and German educational system for kindergarten children.An additional aim of the project is the acquisition of foreign language and social skills, such as self-reliance, accountability, confidence and the ability to communicate in a foreign language. The result of the placement will be a strengthening of the students' awareness and their competences of being a "cosmopolitan".Last but not least the "Euro Pass Mobility" Certificate, conceived according to the standards of ECVET, will improve the chances of our students to compete with other young people of the same age on the job market.
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