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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The GFT Erasmus e.V. is a club for vocational education and training in Südniedersachsen, Germany. He helps and supports projects for vocational education and training in the EU. Therefore, the project name is also "Education train". The train travels through Europe vocational training and networks schools and companies in Niedersachsen, Germany with other EU countries. There are already collaborations to Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, Finland and Turkey. A small new project is cooperation to Norway. It says GeNo media. The cooperation provides that Norwegian trainees come to Germany to learn printing techniques in three weeks. The BBS II Göttingen is a specialist in this area and has an excellent department for printing. In return, German apprentices go to Norway, where they learn sound and video technology. In audio and video technology is not able to be only sniffed purely. This topic is very extensive and is taught in Norway one year. Both partners thereby increase their competence and quality of education. This is the Norwegians but also the Germans Good. Move-Göttingen is our biggest project. It exchanges trainees, trainers and education staff. The length of stay in Germany or an EU country move from four weeks to six months. The cooperation exists between businesses, schools and universities from Germany and the EU. The German University of Göttingen sends trainees in the field of natural sciences in universities or hospitals of Europe. A similar approach companies from Südniedersachsen. They aim trainers, trainees and training staff to educate and train. Here, the participants will get to know other methods. In addition, this promotes key qualifications in social skills, language skills and intercultural competence. This is not a one-way street. This is currently only in professional training for biology, chemistry or physics laboratory that. This apprenticeship does not exist in other EU countries. The finished laboratory technicians from Germany therefore have a large labor market. You will be gladly taken as professionals in EU countries. Initial experience this, we have made in Sweden. So it happened that a student is gone after their examination in January 2015. Sweden to the University of Uppsala. She now works at the Institute, where she had her internship. We see this as a great success. Green School is a new project also between several scientific schools in Europe. The participants meet once a year in small groups and work together. There are also individual trainees and training staff to be replaced. So the project is to come and stay in each school at the same level. It is constantly being developed and expanded. A goal should be to find cheap drugs for developing countries based on natural ingredients. These can then, for example, are produced in countries with little effort itself. There's a little bit of thought "medicines for all" behind it. Each participating country has special herbs that grow only there. These herbs are cultivated in gardens themselves, researched and studied. The ingredients of the herbs to be analyzed. Also important are the action spectra of the herbs, so that they can be recovered economically. Europe is to grow together and it can be set right with the youth. The positive experience already gained young people at the beginning of their working life will change the setting to a common Europe. The trainees will build on their language and human competencies and acquire new professional action competence. Thus, the trainees will not lose the connection at the school. With the new media (moodle) the school will offer modules to the trainees. These need to be developed and uploaded again, so that the vocational teachers can check the success of learning. In this way we also during the internship a learning purpose. In addition, the trainees will continue their record books, as indeed their only place of learning has changed. The activity will therefore be similar to here at German institutions. In the long term, we hope not only in a few occupations should get such an exchange, but also in other areas. The vocational skills, mobility and flexibility of the new generation of skilled workers will be further promoted. A long-term goal may be that the BBS II Göttingen as "European School" is.
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