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Education through sport and outdoor activities
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Youth Training Centre Blossin engaged since 2000 in international projects. These include training for multipliers , international youth encounters with different partners and funding agencies , as well as the European Voluntary Service . For us, the European Voluntary Service is to be an ideal platform bestowed to young people experience mobility in Europe to let them participate in non-formal educational processes and to gain valuable experience for their simple life in many informal situations . In addition, the close connection to the region in which we operate that volunteers receive the one hand a lot of information from the immediate rural environment and on the other hand , people from the region, where young people from Europe into contact and engage in conversation ensures . This happens for example in a youth club , school or recreational settings within the YEC Blossin that for the people in the area to use is open , but also in daily life. We would also like to volunteer an armor consists of intercultural skills and competencies of leadership in the sense of a group leader , as we with many youth groups (national and international) work with give on the way. You can then decide whether they want to continue in their home country to the usually new experiences. We will take two volunteers and are looking for young people who already have some experience in training or study , but are still looking in her life. We find people with experience in team sports or sports in general very interesting as our experiential education offers often have a movement-oriented background. Young people who are fond of outdoor active, we therefore find great. The volunteers are so actively involved in several projects of youth education and the potential for them frame organize content and services offered and perform . These are essentially experiential education programs. They are also with the youth coordinator in the region go and assist him in his tasks , so learn country and its people better. Volunteers receive guidance and feedback on the activities carried out . They are also in a mentoring approach in which they obtain from former volunteers information, advice and able to maintain personal exchange. The participants should be made aware of an open Europe and the experiences in their home country where they multiply to talk with their friends, family etc. about it. For us as an institution hosting volunteers brings a strengthening of our international profile and also many new and exciting experiences and insights take us forward .
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