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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Students mobilities in the field of metal- and wood-working, as well as the IT-sector:-Student visits for increasing professional, personal and socio-cultural competences in the destination Island-After intensive preparations by teachers the Vocational Education Centre Wiesau has developed a pupil mobility in the context of the school's mobility strategy. This includes various subject areas of the school that are still provided with similarities and points of contact. In order to find a suitable partner very much european network meetings were needed. Project background are the progressive professional assignments of students in other European countries. They have very good conditions in Icland in the areas of learning. Through the mobility strategy of the school, the participants should be especially prepared for the new priorities in their professional lives. This results in the project objectives. These are the concrete development professional, and social and cultural skills. The total number of participants of all departments as well as the associated training staff is 32 persons.The participants are young trainees from the fields of metal, wood and IT. Most of them are employed in the dual education system and in the mobility supported by their companies. The activity beforehand was prepared intensively with the partner organization. Core are common lessons and the development of personal skills. Most deciding is the continuation and deepening of the teaching content stipulated in the vocational school. The focus is on the materials science, CAD, image processing and mining. The project is planned by intensive preparation of teachers of both countries. This is achieved by different methods such as eTwinning , email and other new media.Pupils and teachers are prepared in a prolonged phase of mobility. As a result, the maximum benefit is achieved.Particularly the protection of the results is given by external procedures. HThere are planned several audits . External certificates and joint audits.Learningarrangements as well as a memorandum of understanding also in connection with ECVET are included and are provided and signed by all partners.The expected results can be summarized as follows:1. Promote specialized skills2. Expand cultural knowledge and thus increase social competence3. International relations4. Promote european cooperation5. Linguistic promotion6. Generate new projectsThe long-term benefits is given by the results described above. Students acquire knowledge that is necessary for the examination in their training occupation. They also improve their language skills and their personal social skills.This decisively increases the competence in the personal and professional sphere. It is a qualification measure which affects more professional success and chances of success for the whole life. Also inside the school a long time effect is being expected. Increasing the competence of the travelling teachers the lessons in school will also find out a high-class increase. The involved teachers are inspired to carry out new and detailed mobilities with the partner in Island and other foreign countries. The outside effect and outside representation for the school is increased so in different ways. The project is also supported by the administrative district of Tirschenreuth politically. The administrative district occupies within the scope of the demographic change with a future coach, who takes care of professional force protection, prevention of moving away, and accompanies the crossing of school to the occupation. With this position the policymakers are also involved in the pioneering project. Both, the council of the district, as well as representatives of the government of Upper Palatinate will be informed in an information session on the course, with the impact and the long-term development. This includes an extensive public relation. Because of the close contacts of the future coaches of the district also to television and other media, also in the interest of school development, the spreading will take a crucial role after the implementation too.

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