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Education for Sustainable Consumption: a global challenge
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The great ambition of the project "Education for Sustainable Consumption: a global challenge" is to prepare the younger generations for a better life and learn how to manage the resources as well as to leave a legacy to the future generations. Schools need to be aware of the 21st century skills in order to achieve the goals of the European strategy until 2020. This project looks to the future and to the following inspired trends: the 21st century skills for life and the targets for the European Union (EU) in 2020. This team of partner schools (from Portugal, Hungary, Turkey, France (Reunion Island), Italy, Spain and Romania) would like to work with students including 4 out of the 5 targets for the EU: 1. Employment; 2. Climate change and energy sustainability; 3. Education ; 4. Fighting poverty and social exclusion. General objectives to achieve: - Understanding the importance of developing “sustainable lifestyles” adopting patterns of consumption and production that safeguard human rights and community well-being, as well as the regenerative capacities of the earth and ensuring that economic activities at all levels promote human development in an equal and sustainable manner. - Researching, thinking, concluding and transferring knowledge about “sustainable lifestyles” between three big elements: ME–MY FAMILY–THE COMMUNITY (locally, regionally and in Europe). - Organizing campaigns in order to make the populations more sensitive to the importance of protecting “Sustainable lifestyles”. - Facilitating student involvement and learning in decision-making regarding their own learning and the use of power and responsibility in the classroom, school, family and community. - Constructing and testing learning scenarios to facilitate students learning together and promoting the interdisciplinary activities and transnational cooperation and exchanges. - Creating a culture of care and community where students learn to support each other and take responsibility for the well-being of each other and the whole community. - Motivating teachers and learners to increase the number of foreign languages they speak and improve their foreign language skills. - Developing an active and conscious European citizenship to respect differences and value each other’s cultures. - Developing skills in the use of ICT tools to carry out research, communicate, organize and present information. - Assessing student skills and learning styles to facilitate learning and promote personal excellence. - Promoting the transnational dissemination of good practice and innovation in the management of schools. The development of the project will be observed by teachers of the following subjects: Economics, Maths, Sciences, Geography, Physical Education, ICT, Native and Foreign languages. In some countries, we will involve Kindergarten and Primary School teachers and students. We will organize seven “Learning/teaching /training activities” with mobilities: 2 in the first school year, 3 in the second school year and 2 in the last school year. We will involve students and teachers will accompany the pupils. Each partner will host a meeting during which they organize and coordinate the activities and visits. We would like to develop durable products, such as: - Website and Book / eBook with Learning Scenarios (LS) about sustainable life – environmental and economic. These LS will be used by pupils between 6 – 12 years old (the developers are older students and teachers); - ESC a global Challenge Magazine - we will test and monitor the Learning Scenarios and the results of the LS application will be showed in local, national and international meetings and in Scientific Congresses; - APPS for tablets and SmartPhones with tips on the management of the budget (personal and family budget); - APPS for tablets and SmartPhones with environmental and simple tips to be used by everybody; - Study about the usage of tools usage and dissemination of the results in Scientific Congress and in ESC a global Challenge Magazine;he news about these events will be published in the Magazine as well as all the other important events and products along the project; - Games for different devices about sustainable life: environmental and economic; - Open Online course about eTwinning and web 2.0 tools - to teach teachers and students to develop skills to work with TwinSpace and web 2.0. The online course can be used after the end the project (the course will be structured in modules to promote self-learning). The expected impact will be attained at different levels: schools, local, regional, national and international.
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