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Education for Rights and Freedoms
Start date: Jan 15, 2015, End date: Jul 15, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will be a human rights education project which will incorporate local educational activities, a transnational meeting and create an intellectual output. The over-arching aims of the project are to sensitize young people on their human rights and the rights of others, increase active participation of young people in society, enhance civic commitment of young people towards human rights protection and promote positive attitudes to the EU vales of human rights and fundamental freedoms thereby fostering a culture where human rights are understood, respected and promoted. It contributes to the active participation of young people as it will be carried out for young people, by young people under the age of 30. The organizers will ensure that persons with fewer opportunities as a result of economic obstacles participate in these seminars. The educational seminars will enable participants to learn about human rights and inspire and empower them to be advocates of their own rights and the rights of others with a view to establishing a more inclusive and just Europe. Moreover, the seminars will constitute a microcosm of tolerance, respect and active citizenship. The methodology adopted will be based on a learning-by-doing approach and will emanate from key principles and techniques of human rights education, as contained in The Council of Europe (COMPASS) Training Materials such as COMPASS, COMPANION and All Different All Equal. Through the educational seminars a total of 120 young people aged 18-30 will be trained on their human rights. The online game will allow players to learning about human rights and cultivate the knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote their rights and the rights of others in a fun yet educational manner. There is no such game available in Greek and so it will be the first in its kind. Through the project, the game will be promoted amongst the formal and non-formal educational settings as well as other relevant settings in Greece and Cyprus so as to maximise its use and impact. The partners have chosen to design such a programme given the great need for human rights education in their respective countries. With every financial crisis comes a social crisis which is characterized by increased intolerance particularly towards minority groups and a rise in extremist behaviour, hate speech and hate crime which result in violations of human rights and freedoms. Simultaneously, during such crises, citizens see their economic and social rights such as the right to work and right to health being increasingly curtailed. Partner countries involved in this project are experiencing these phenomena but, unfortunately, there does not exist a sufficient integration of human rights education programmes within the formal educational setting in either of these countries so as to empower youngsters to deal with a social crisis and all its consequences. Thus, a project such as the one proposed offering human rights education seminars as well as an online educational game, is an innovative method to achieve our goals. As well as contributing to the development of the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants of the seminars and players of the game, this project seeks to contribute to the overall cultivation of a human rights culture whereby human rights are understood and respected on a local, national and European level through an innovative approach.

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