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Education for LAND establishment in Norway
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background/ context: Permaculture is a practical approach to sustainable lifestyles which provides a wide base of skills and experiences typically within agriculture, education, organisations and more. Permaculture practitioners have a wide range of experiences and are often inspired and skilled to engage in communal activity for the benefit of local action, empowerment and enterprise. Permaculture is an increasingly growing international movement. As this movement grows in Norway, there is an increasing need for educational competence, supportive structures and management skills that will meet this growth. Norway is a large country in relation to population, and there is a need for more venues for the practical education that permaculture teaching requires and benefits by. The Norwegian Permaculture Association (NPF) is initiating LAND (Learning And Network Demonstration) in Norway. LAND centres are training and education places centering on practical application and real life sustainabilty, typically located in marginal areas. The LAND centres organise training, courses and tours etc and they play a pivotal role in the local networks, providing a skillbase and employment opportunities in environmental education, agriculture, eco-building, eco-community etc. Objectives: - To disseminate knowledge of possible solutions to meet the convergence of multiple crises apparent in the world today. - To create a "Learning and Networking Demonstration" project ­ LAND -in Norway to disseminate solutions that span ecological, economic and social sustainability through tangible demonstration and teaching at LAND centres. - To support the creation of viable sustainable livelyhoods, ecologically, economically and socially. - To utilise the expertise of LAND UK and LAND Denmark in the successful establishing and managing of LAND Norway. - To strengthen the national and international network. Number and profile of particpiants: There will be a total of 17 participants, including LAND coordinator, members of the advisory group and 'LAND learners'. Description of activities: We will send participants to join in a specialized training event for LAND participants in the UK and in Denmark. Also a period for the administration and advisory group in Job- shadowing. Methodology: As NPF is not using Europass, we will collaborate with partnership organisations in preparing tools to set participants learning outcomes, and monitor achievements, based on previous training events. In management of the project we will use basic project management tools and spreadsheets. Description of results and impact: - Participants will have gained greater confidence, knowledge, skills and ability to create valuable additions in their ability to create and support a sustainable livelyhood. - Participants are expected to gain inspiration for, and knowledge about, the LAND project. - Participants will be skilled in the establishing, management, dissemination and knowledge of LAND opportunities and requirements. - LAND centres will be established, managed and growing in Norway. - Knowledge of practical viable solutions will be supported. - The Norwegian Permaculture Association will benefit from the provision of greater educational capacity, reaching more people and having a wider spread of venues. Impact on Participating organisation: -Greater capacity in relation to deliver training. -Financial viability/ income for trainer and participating organisation. -Better European networking, and wider reach. -Insight into Nordic/ Norwegian situation in the common field of permaculture . Long term benefits: -The building of capacity will strengthen permaculture education and the teachers empowerment. - Integration of educational scale and quality building is supported largely through the LAND network. - LAND centres motivate and inspire development and use of sustainable local resources; social, economic and environmental. - Greater public availability of sustainable alternatives will support local entrepreneurship. - Strengthened European capacity building, networking, and growth in resilient solutions on European and International levels.

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