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Education for Heritage, Outdoor Education
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

ECHOE project will explore ways to combine education for/about heritage (especially related to historic and archeological sites) with outdoor education (including ecology, heritage protection, sports, leisure and open air activities). This is an educational area very little explored and exploited, the number of programmes trying to combine the cultural-historical side of a site with open air activities is very limited. Educational activities about local cultural heritage usually concentrate on development of learners' knowledge, understanding and/or skills in cultural specific subjects, perceived more as an intellectual area, while outdoor education with its physical involvement of the learner focuses on skills needed for dealing with the natural environment. Not only those perceptions of the two areas are too limited, but the blending of the two areas has the potential to create new innovative learning experiences for adults and to enlarge the categories of participants to both types of activities. The project will identify the difficulties faced by the local stakeholders in taking this approach (published in the form of a need analysis report), it will develop a series of methodological papers providing guidance to both adult educators and cultural operators, and it will explore through a series of workshops what would be a practical way of creating and implementing such blended educational programmes. The outputs will be gathered in a Resource book for outdoor training providers, cultural operators, public authorities, associations and NGOs from the fields of education, culture and tourism, private companies providing training and educational activities or tourist services, published in English and in all languages of partners participating in the project. ECHOE will be presented and promoted through a web site and project partners will develop a series of promotional events at local and international level.
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