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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Teachers in our school would like to make Job Shadowing and make observations in Turkish school about below topics: We design this project for raising Teachers'students',Societies' awareness on the right to study, live, work or set up a business in a sustainable society in another EU country.Teachers,youth and Society are often unaware of this right that is fundamental to face the actual economic crisis, to win international competition and understand the impact of globalisation. Job Shadowing in the fields of: Labour Market & Economy, Education, Healthcare & Housing, Culture & Society, internationalisation, School Leadership .Teachers will have the possibility of sharing and widening their knowledge; raising their awareness of how they can benefit from EU rights and policies; stimulating their active participation in Union policy-making; creating the ability of exchanging opinions and negotiating; creating the attitude of tolerance and teachers reflect these ideas to their tudents. We aim to foster a generation of entrepreneurs in project schools, with the commercial awareness, creative thinking skills, European outlook and confidence to make a valid contribution to lifting our countries out of the current recession and into a new type of economy. The project will then focus on a jointly created product, giving the complete European dimension with which co-operation across the language and distance barriers using ICT, linguistic and social skills will be vital and will mirror key skills for our future European workforce. Finally, the team will be encouraged to look with entrepreneurial eyes at their host school cultures for some fresh ideas to develop. The basic idea is to give Teachers the necessary information of the living conditions of their partners. To achieve this We aim Teachers will research information on four major topics, all focused on mobility aspects: Labor Market, Education, Healthcare and Housing, Cultural behaviour,Schol leadership and internationalisation . The cases will be used inside the curriculum.Turkish and Greek schools have a lot of things to learn from each other for a better education for the future of our country and new generation.Through the JOB SHADOWING we aim to:- Help Teachers to understand the rights to move and reside freely within the EU and reflect their experiences to students.- Help teachers understand global economy and explain it to the students.- Debate on the right to free movement.- Create and share common teaching materials.- Encourage the awareness of differences and similarities among students and that we are able to go beyond them.- Promote European citizenship among students and teachers.- Promote tolerance and respect towards other people and cultures.- Strengthen cohesion and students’ and teachers' mutual understanding of one another. -Improve communication and foreign language skills.Final products:- Project learnings and outcomes about the topics based on Case Studies :Labour Market & Economy, Education, Healthcare & Housing, Culture & Society, internationalization, School Leadership .- The expanding of the curricula on Project mobility in Europe - An International Forum on “The citizens right to move and reside freely in the EU”.-Understanding the project topics and applying into real life. 1o GEL KO-IPPOKRATEIO school has a lot of things to learn from Hosting(partner)school for a better education for the future of our country and new generation.
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