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Education and training for migrants and refugees - RESHAPE the future
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Europe is facing tens of thousands of refugees needing protection, support, guidance and counselling, and finally education and training for those who stay in our countries. Integration of people who have been granted protection is a major ongoing challenge in member states. In the same time member states struggle with economic and social challenges, that reflect into education and the education provision. The economical recession seems to continue, which means reductions in state funding for education, including the education provided for adults. A big question is how to provide high quality vocational adult education, that supports different kinds of refugees and migrants to identify and to achieve their goals in skills development, and in achieving qualifications needed in the labor market.RESHAPE aims at understanding the current practices and implementation of vocational adult education provision to migrants and refugees in 6 European countries (FI, SE, DK, NL, SL, IT). Co-operation models between adult education centres, labor market organizations, companies, governmental bodies, municipalities and social organizationsis need to be created, and lessons learnt from those with more experience. RESHAPE targets adult trainers, managers, researchers, and development staff. The partner organisations and their staff will be provided with new methodologies, methods, tools and practices to develop the vocational adult education and training provision. The project consists of observing and analyzing the structures and practices of partner colleagues and training organizations. It will include an analysis of the issues and efficiency of the implemented devices. Presentations, visits, discussions and analysis takes place in five thematic workshops that deal with 1. recognition of non-formal and informal learning of migrants and refugees2. competences and continuous training of vocational adult educators and counsellors working with migrants and refugees3. guidance and counselling activities of migrants and refugees4. entrepreneurship education and training for migrants and refugees5. quality assurance related to educational activities in social integration of migrants and refugeesFor dissemination of the results to a wider audiences, five workshop reports and one synthesis report are produced in English. A RESHAPE explainer whiteboard video is produced and linked via social media. It will make publicity to the main RESHAPE findings and help to disseminate the reports for professionals interested in detailled information.One multiplier event is held in Finland in summer 2018.The major awaited impact is to benefit the migrants and refugees for better, smoother and faster integration into society and working life.

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