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Educating through sport and outdoor acticities
Start date: Aug 4, 2016, End date: Dec 3, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Youth Education Center Blossin is involved since 2000 in international projects. These include training for multipliers, international youth meetings with different partners and funding agencies, and the European Voluntary Service.For us, the European Voluntary Service is an ideal platform bestowed to young people in order to give them mobility experience in Europe, to let them participate in non-formal education processes and to allow them to gain valuable experience for their lives thanks to many informal situations. In addition, the close connection in the region in which the Youth Center Blossin is located ensures on the one hand that the volunteers get a lot of information from the immediate rural area and on the other hand, that people from the region have a chance to come into contact and active communication with young people from Europe. This happens for example in youth clubs, schools, leisure situations within the JBZ Blossin which is open to the people around, but also in daily life situations.Furthermore, we would like to accompany the volunteers on their way to a fulfilled “know how” equipment consisting of intercultural skills and competences of leadership in the sense of a group leader, since we work with many youth groups (national and international). They can then decide whether they want to continue in their home country to add to the new gained experience.We will take a young person from the Erasmus+ program as volunteer and are looking for young people who already have some experience in training or study, but are still searching for a life project. We find people with experience in team sports or sports in general very interesting since our experiential education offers often have a sport-oriented background. Therefore we find young people who like outdoors-activities great.The volunteers will be actively involved in several projects of youth education and will be taking part in the organization and the conducting of some of our training programs which frame and content represent for them an interesting potential. These are experiential education programs substantially. The volunteers also support the youth coordinator in his work across the region, and thus get to know the area and its actors. Furthermore, they write the blog, "freiwilliginblossin" and give a picture of their Erasmus+ stay in Germany to the world.Volunteers receive guidance and feedbacks on the carried out activities. They also benefit from a mentoring approach, through which they collect information and advice from former volunteers, and can maintain personal exchange. The participants should be made aware of an open Europe and then have the opportunity to multiply the experiences in their home country, where they will exchange information with their friends, family etc. about the work achieved during the voluntary service. For us as an organization, hosting volunteers brings strength to our international profile as well as it allows us to go further in our work through the exciting experiences, knowledge and impulses that it provides.
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