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Educating in the catering sector in 3 remote areas to save cultivated landscape

The support of a sustainable rural tourism as a basis for a stronger economy is crucial.But rural tourism is mostly attracted by the agriculturally shaped, cultivated landscape.Through the globalised agriculture and out-migration the basis for agricultural productionin Europe shrinks, hence the cultivated landscapes changes and so the basis for ruraltourism. One solution for this problem is, to strengthen sales of regional products andservices. The catering sector has all preconditions to fulfil this task. Because of fashion,migration and other reasons most people working in the rural catering sector have lostthe knowledge of the regional products and their use.Edu-Cate refers to the problem of low economical chances in rural areas of Europe withall related topics such as unemployment, out-migration, infrastructure (such as adulteducational/ vocational trainings centers, libraries etc.). Edu-Cate Edu-Cate aims todevelop an innovative course concept. The target groups are people working in the ruraltourism catering sector: employees (such as cooks, service employees) and small scaleentrepreneurs, in three European remote regions in Germany, Spain and Slovenia. Thecourse is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge of regional, organic and fairtraded quality food and refers to the slow food idea. The project will not only provideinformation on these topics but also training, methods and practical tools for marketing,promotion, communication.The output will be a Course Concept of 20-25 hours of training. The development of thecourse concept will be done in close cooperation with the regional stakeholders. Thecourse will be implemented in each partner country. The course is modular and will beaccompanied by suitable material (in DE, SI, ES) for the participants and a didacticalguide for the trainers (in EN).
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