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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school accommodates a College of Education and Primary compensatory school listed as the special particularity of students, offering lessons from age three through sixth grade, and formed by a line from kindergarten to primary school. The CEIP Practice nº1 is located in the city center, the historic area of the city of Malaga which has access to the Plaza de la Constitución. A location helps you in many ways when undertaking educational activities with students. Despite the difficulties, school climate is optimal, with multiculturalism one of the identity signs of the school. Users are mostly of African origin, Chinese and South America and for the proper reception and integration, the school has a teacher who visits us only on Wednesdays, performing his job at the ATAL (Temporary Classroom Language Adaptation ). Often students who arrive at school does not have any language competence, so the assistance of the teacher ATAL once a week is considered low. The school has opened a series of collaborations with various institutions such as the Thyssen Museum, the Athenaeum, the Picasso Museum, the Andalusian Centre for Literature, the Canovas Theatre, the theater company La Reckless, Flamenco in Malaga in collaboration with Rojí Paco, etc. This type of agreement opens the learning ability of students due to the enrichment of the curriculum, taking advantage of the situation that account, ie the center of the city, and involve different institutions, shops, museums, etc. leading to programs such as: - The art through painting Picasso. - The theater at school. - Cycles of silent films. - Working "Opera School". - Popular Traditions from painting. - Flamenco as part of Andalusian culture. The whole teaching team which forms the teacher board actively involved in the plans and programs of the educational project. In 2013 was ended last the Comenius program, that teachers valued very highly. After this experience, teacher are animated for the application and implementation of this new program conducted within the framework of the Erasmus +, for 2015, and virtually all intend to contribute to its development. The program's success is guaranteed by one aspect that is considered critical because whenever there is active participation by the faculty. The general and specific objectives are detailed later in the project description, but from a global point of view, the fundamental objective is the generation of a comprehensive curriculum which art is one of the key factors in the CEIP Practice Nº 1, our priority is diversify and enrich the curriculum, so that will be joining the overall activities really educators within the school walls. Art, in all its variations, pose a major educational value school and usually ignores. Within the world of curriculum theory, there is ample evidence that everything that relates to the strictly academic, away proportion of their educational value, since, at the same speed that encloses the students in decontextualized exercises distances of knowledge useful in the real world. European activities enrich and open the possibility of benefiting from other proposals from other countries that can be imported to the school. At the same time, working towards the same goal join the faculty who will share their experiences on the set of professionals with whom you have daily contact (families, students, school monitors) and other institutions (teacher school, media, Ateneo, Centro Andaluz de las Letras, etc.). We believe that the design of this Erasmus + project for the CEIP Practices Nº 1 is perfectly suited to the needs of our school, by the planned mobilities and their impact on the daily practice of the learning processes in students.

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