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Educando para el futuro, abriendo caminos
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our motto this year: "Educating for the future, on the road" through the promotion of excellence, quality education and internationalization of our center.Our context:- High rates of failure and early school leaving. (It remains the major challenge for us)- New challenges to incorporate new bilingual courses.- Increase of violence and radicalization in the classroom.- Not always effective strategies for integrating immigrants.- Management and organization of teaching and school not enough effective.How to improve our context?- Acquiring new methodological skills, collaborative learning, holistic education, ...- Improving math and science skills in general to promote critical and analytical students' minds.- Improving language skills.- Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching.- Learning strategies for education in community social values.- Opening the doors to Europe for our students, connecting them with different realities.What plans do we have for them?- Holding prior to mobility activities that deal with basic knowledge regarding the stated objectives raised: MOOC courses, development of mathematical skills, linguistic, ICT, collaborative work.- Selecting appropriate courses of our mobility goals through social networks.- Carrying out activities preparing for "Job Sahdowings" schools that implement different educational systems but facing similar situations to ours with different strategies.- Establish guidelines for future cooperation, in particular through our job shadowings.- Assessing the activities undertaken and the incorporation of it into the School Educational Project documents.Who and how many are the participants?- We have 11 teachers who will be involved in the project, whose profiles obey detailed in previous sections and whose main characteristic will be committed to innovation and improving learning paradigms and who need to improve their training skills in the field of:- New methodological strategies to lower dropout rates and / or school failure.- Methods of improving the quality of teaching in science, ICT and CLIL particularly.- Skills in promoting European citizenship, European Awareness, Democracy and cooperation with neighboring countries.- Open doors in Europe our vocational students.What results do we hope?Acquiring effective and efficient skills to help us to:- Addressing the serious problem of dropout and failure suffered in our school.- Eradicating bullying, violence and radicalization in the classroom.- Improving the quality of education of all areas of knowledge: scientific and technical, social, artistic, etc.- Increasing awareness among our students and understanding between cultures and facilitate their access to the European labor market.- Improving the social integration of students from more disadvantaged backgrounds.- Improving the participants' foreign language competence.- Knowing different educational systems and different realities through reception schools job shadowing schools.- Establish the basis for future cooperation in European projects.What is the desired impact?We hope the experience in the educational community to reverse positively:- Reducing the effort in the task of teaching and learning and increasing the efficiency of them.- Improving the results of educational processes and increasing effectiveness.- Renewing the paradigms of teaching and learning.- Increasing the involvement of teachers in school's projects and passion for the work we do every day.- Raising European awareness of students and facilitate them placements in any country of the Union, and making them feel to participate in building a better Europe.What about the long term effects?- Facing new renovation projects or educational innovation.- Collaborating with Union institutions in future projects, including strategic partnerships in order to facilitate our students the gateway to Europe.- Collaborating to achieve a more united EU, fair, less social differences, where citizens feel free and committed with their common future.What about our wishes?- We think and wish all stakeholders from all European countries, families, teachers, educational institutions, business institutions, must work together to reach an agreement on educational policies that address the new challenges that Europe is going through. New environments require new solutions.
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