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Educación y colaboración europea (EDUCOL)
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The current project develops two main basic training activities: five training courses for teachers of our school and three observation periods (job-shadowing) into three educational centres from different countries. All of them are included in the European Development Plan of IES La Creueta (Onil, Alicante). This project is intended to achieve one of the main objectives of our school, which is to implement its European dimension.In the last few years, we have carried out several European projects of various backgrounds in cooperation with different establishments from different countries, which has allowed us to offer a wide range of educational offers to our students, and, therefore, a better offer and educational quality.The training mobilities included in this project will be fourteen in total: five related to training courses and nine to visits to other educational centres. All these activities will be performed by teachers from our school.In this way, the training courses will be a special training for the participant teachers, as they embrace the need of our school to be open to Europe, to foster languages, especially English as a language for communication and at the same time to bring the European culture and society closer to the students of our school. In this setting, our teachers will follow five training courses in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Rome; having the English language as the base of communication. Of all these three courses, three of them will be devoted to reinforce competences in English and two will deal with specific topics related to the skills of the teachers who applied for them. All these activities will be carried out in non- school days. The teachers will be selected by a prior request form sent to the project coordinator and after an official calling to all the staff from our school that could be interested in the projects.The training periods will be developed in three different countries: France, Italy and Turkey. The different visits will present some common and some specific aims. In all the visits we intend to observe the working system of an educational centre from another country, the process of organizational matters, students with learning difficulties, unmotivated students and early school abandonment, as well as the students guidance and the management of the centre. We will compare the differences and similarities with our own centre and draw improvement conclusions. Namely, the school management will be studied in the French centre as it is a guide mark in Europe; new technologies in the classroom will be studied in Italy since it is an innovative centre in this field, as it is ours; and culturalism, the European vision and also new technologies will be worked on in Turkey. We intend to tighten ties with all these countries for future common projects. The language used for communication in all the cases will be mainly English.A group of three teachers will take part in all these activities; one will be a member of the management staff, who will also be the coordinator of the visit, and the other two will be teachers who will have previously applied for the activity and will show interest and motivation in the project. After each visit, a detailed report will be written down. It is worth saying that we have come to a common agreement among all the centres to visit, and they have also prepared a project to visit us.The expected results will turn into the improvement of the European dimension of our centre, the improvement of our linguistic communication, mainly English, the improvement of the didactic quality of our teachers, the shared learning among educational institutions, the educational cooperation with centres from other countries, the improvement of the ICT skills and their use in the classroom and the improvement of the inclusion of our youth in the European labour market. Once the project ends, a final report will be written about the learning outcomes, both of the visits and of the observation periods in the training activities, pointing out the reached objectives and also the improvements suggested to our centre and to the development of future projects. The holders, in the short and long term, will be both teachers and students of our Centre, families and external agents such as the Town Hall, sport clubs and other educational centres as it is a continuous training. All the learnt knowledge will be spread in and outside the centre; inside the centre through the faculty, Pedagogical Coordination Commission, School Council and Students Associations, and outside the centre through the School web page, Town Hall and Cultural Centre. Etwinning and other broadcasting tools will also be used to expand the scope of our project.
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