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Educação pela Arte - expressão dramática como técnica educacional
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Education through Art – The Dramatic Expression as an Educational Technique This project is inserted in the context of the extracurricular activities and takes as a main field of action the Resolution of Conflicts and respective strategies and methodology of approach. It takes the concept of education as a base for the art and the premise that the educative activities of expressive character contribute for the global growth of the student. The dramatic expression appears like education technique and method of active education. As a pedagogic way, puts to the service of the education the imagination and the action. The project aims to implement new methods and students approach strategies, with a reorganization of work methods more directed to conflict management. It intends to leave from elements of the theory and performative practice, being the main impulse to cause the students for the apprenticeship through the use of an innovatory methodology. It will be for the activities creation in the context of the dramatic expression that are created new existences that aim the resolution of conflicts / apprenticeship. These existences develop the expression and the communication. Simultaneously they promote the acquisition of knowledge. The work team is appointed by three teachers of Physical Education. It’s a competent team, able to orientate interactive activities, idealize and organize projects and programs. The team intends to re-structure and to re-formulate methodologies of work with the introduction of new strategies, integrating methods connected with the concept of education through art and dramatic expression in the daily practice. As a work methodology intends to resort to dynamic and techniques of Oppressed Theater and of the Debate Theater, like dance, Psicodrama and other Expressive Therapies well-adjusted for the peculiarities of the group of students. The teachers will take the theatrical context as the work base, with the definition of activities and respective objectives, as a context group or individually. The activities will be initially developed in work groups, aiming the group cohesion and motivation; in a second phase, we’ll be going to have an exploration of the physical language and improvisations with the intention of exploring different expressive and creative resources, winning inhibitory factors; to promote the discovery and affirmation of the personality herself. For last, the gathering, share and systematization of personal information intends to explore problems and situations survived the individual level and in group. This project will have a quite positive impact at the participant’s teachers and at the school. At the participant team we’ll be going to provide new individualized opportunities of apprenticeship, making richer the academic curriculum. It intends to develop a creative and innovatory posture, conceiving new strategies and existences with the resource to new teaching and support techniques – dramatic expression, with pleasure for the discovery and investigation, opening new ways for the students and induce them for the teaching-apprenticeship process and knowledge acquisition. At the same time it is idealized to deal with the social questions like the conflict, the insecurity, the passivity, using theater like demonstrative mediator. In respects to the student, there would be provided a balanced development at all the personality factors, and enabled them with knowledges and skills, as for his everyday school, as for his future life, while develop his personal growth and active participation in the society. With the opening of the action field, this project will offer to the school new methods of work, offering to the educative community new and more stimulating activities. It will have a deep impact on the motivation and competences at the participant elements and school community, once that it will be going to reinforce the intercultural values of the European Union. The competences and work experiences are going to allow teachers the tools that will be going to make possible to supply an interactive surrounding apprenticeship students more involving, which will approach their academic results to success. Through these new practices a renovating spirit is promoted, as the development of a creative and innovatory posture in new strategies conception and existences with the resource to differentiated teaching techniques. This way, school will become a healthier social system, which takes care of personal growth and well-being of students and invests teacher’s formation.
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