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Start date: Jun 27, 2016, End date: Jun 26, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT :San Miguel is a school in Armilla, a metropolitan village located in the Vega of Granada , Spain . It has 450 students andapproximately 29 teachers . Our school is equipped with digital whiteboards and laptops. It is a bilingual school that looks forinnovation in the application of our methodology, both CLIL and ICT integration and the European dimension with students fromdifferent cultures and the development of language and digital skills .Since 2006 we have participated in eTwinning and Comenius Multilateral Projects . aim is to develop better education in context with pupils with special educational needs and socioeconomic disadvantages,applying an innovative methodology and quality among teachers.NUMBER AND PROFILE:The school has 5 permanent teachers involved in the innovative projects, such as Comenius and eTwinning projects.They are active teachers in online work, communication, organization and management of tasks and dissemination of educationalactivity.DESCRIPTION OF WORK:The activities that are required are:• In terms of training : a course on CLIL methodology , a course on creativity in the classroom through foreign language , a course onteamwork , negotiation and conflict resolution in schools and a course on working techniques equipment , communication skills ,the organization 's human resources.• As for the action of Job Shadowing: different schools within Europe that are experts in collaborative work, innovative methodologyin language teaching , ICT and basic skills development . It is essential that education systems are known, the implementation of thecurriculum and how the transition between primary and secondary levels and the opening of the community center and Europeanprojects are done.METHODOLOGY:Through regular meetings the different actions according to the methodology that will be held for the implementation of theproject for teachers and applyed in our classrooms. Our teachers will be offered:• Instructions and guidelines.• Material will be provided throughout the entire activity.• Actions will be evaluated.• A discussion forum is opened to ensure an ongoing exchange.• With schools contact through meetings will remain two-way data transmission.• The cooperation of these teachers for the dissemination of experiences through invitations in meetings and conferences andthrough virtual platforms.RESULTS :• Development of a project focus on a better methodology and design of materials.• Implementation of a communicative approach which involves the development of linguistic, cultural and digital skills necessary forlife.• Development based on tasks and projects more social in nature.• Integration of more effective cooperative and interactive models to learn for students.• Improved emotional ties and social relationships through empathy towards other European school environments.• Self-assessment methodology applied in CLIL own , languages ŁŁ, ICT, various contexts and multidisciplinary from the observationitself, the flexibility of the curriculum and improvement proposals on same .• Continuous innovation and training of teachers through classroom practice , sharing of the best practices and disseminationenvironments education.• Promoting improved interpersonal relationships, dialogue and mediation between teachers and the educational community.• Find new ways of educational development through European projects.IMPACT:All actions will help to implement more meaningful and professionalism in our curriculum, integrated methodological resources ,communication and teams , trying to find new ways of teaching in the classroom and intercycles . It will help students develop theircommunication and collaboration which are important skills that will be useful throughout life and on their professional skills.BENEFITSOur teachers bring new visions to work and improve their interests in education and cooperation to work together in our projectabout: methodology, European curriculum innovation , languages, ICT , organization and management , communication andteamwork .
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