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ECY - Effective Communication for Youth
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this project, coordinated by Wereld Esperanto-Jongeren Organisatie (TEJO, the Netherlands), five volunteer-based NGOs from Belgium, Spain, Italy, Slovakia and a SME from the United Kingdom (Kosmo Strategio Ltd.) will actively cooperate.The activities will be focused on exchange of better practices and implementation of innovative training tools and materials related to the topic of communication strategies and techniques in the field of youth non-governmental organisations.The main aim of the project is on one hand to empower the mentioned skills thanks to the development of training resources, thus more effectively raising awareness in young people, enhancing their sense of active EU-citizenship and foster their social inclusion in the social fabric; on the other hand, the involved organisation intend to make their voice and their causes, especially in terms of valorisation of diversity and promotion of tolerance at international level, thanks to a more proper communication set of skills and strategy.One of the main concerns of TEJO and its partners is the skill empowerment of active and committed NGO-volunteers, filling the gap of the "skill mismatch" which often affects the volunteers involved in youth NGOs, and a smooth transfer of knowledge among volunteers. For this reason - besides many courses and activities implemented by some of the partners involved in this project -, some projects about skill empowerment of volunteers have been designed so far, both in the framework of Grundtvig and of Erasmus+. Many key areas of organisational management of NGOs have been faced so far, but the partnership has identified the need of strengthening exchange of practi ceat international level and of implementing proper training resources in the field of communication as a crucial intervention area in its strategy, to be fully faced according to a perspective of a real professionalisation and effectiveness of NGO-volunteers in reaching their aims and in foster social inclusion and EU-citizenship in young people.Based on a needs-analysis carried out by our partnership, this project aims at sharing best practice and experience in a European dimension and to develop and disseminate tools and reusable resources to raise the quality of NGOs' communication activities in the participating countries and beyond the borders of the partnership.The main project activities will therefore be three transnational project meetings (the Netherlands, October 2016; Belgium, March 2017; Spain, July 2017), aimed at coordinating the project activities, at exchanging better practices and at collecting and creating proper training materials about the main topic of the project.After each project meeting the partners will run activities at national and local level. Innovative training tools and best practices will be presented, discussed and adapted to the activities of each partner and disseminated within local and national networks, and the created and collected training materials and tools will be available on-line even beyond the end of the project's lifespan.An intellectual output - a training web-based toolbox is planned to be implemented during the project; a multiplier event, to be held in Slovakia in September 2017 will represent a key dissemination chance for the project and its achievementsThe envisaged impact of the partnership project is a higher number and an improved effectiveness of non-formal learning activities of NGOs beyond the borders of the partnership in the participating countries, with a concrete perspective of cross-sectorial cooperation with other fields (e.g. education and business, with links with the labour market, in order to identify the most suitable skills that can be acquired thanks to volunteering, thus increasing the employability of young people). In the long-term the project will contribute to raise the quality of the activities carried out in the framework of youth NGOs, through an effective communication able to mobilise young people, to raise awareness in them about language and cultural diversity and tolerance, thus engaging them in an active European citizenship dimension and making tolerance, fight against any form of discrimination and valorisation of diversity concretely count at international level.

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