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ECVision - A European System of Comparability and Validation of Supervisory Competences
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

The project deals with two specific fields of consulting, with supervision and coaching.Supervision and coaching are formats of counselling serving the assurance and development of the quality of communication and cooperation in professional contexts.Until now supervision lacks a consistent way of describing and validating supervisory skills and competences on a European level. This impedes integration into the different NQFs and European mobility of supervisors and learners.These problems the consortium members intend to solve by developing the following innovative products:1. A Glossary to assure comparability of terms and legal frameworks.2. A Competence Matrix on levels 4-7 according to EQF to assure comparability of supervisory competences and qualifications as an instrument for Europe wide comparability of VET for Supervision and Coaching3. A description of four VET curricula using the Competence Matrix;4. A description of one VET curriculum in Learning Unit and ECTS;5. A correspondence table between curricula provided by Universities (referring to ECTS) and private VET provider’s curricula, basing on two concrete consortium member’s curricula.6. Instruments for testing and using the products in VET and personnel development (Instruction Workshops for VET providers and an Evaluation Model including a pilot evaluation)The methodological concept of the project is based on the following assumptions:1. The development of European common grounds needs comparability. 2. Core tasks and responsibilities are easier to compare than contents of curricula.3. The existing EQF principles provide for a proper methodology to describe core tasks and responsibilities. 4. The two validation systems ECTS and ECVET provide a sound grounding for developing comparable formal outcomes of even different validation processes.

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