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ECVET- un pas in internationalizarea competentelor din turism si alimentatie
Start date: Sep 30, 2016, End date: Sep 29, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

„Nicolae Titulescu” Economic College aims through the project “ECVET-a first step towards making skills in tourism and public alimentation INTERNATIONAL”,together with “Somes” Technological High School from Dej and “Pintea Viteazul” Economic College from Cavnic, want to facilitate the access of 84 students ( from the 10th grade at the stage of initial professional training in highschool and from the 10th grade of professional education level) at a three week internship, in particular hotels and restaurants from Spain and Portugal, for two years, in six flows. This agreement involves students in Tourism and Waiter (commerce, sales representatives) and aims a higher degree of professionalism in both areas that the European community wants to become International. In the context of a flexible and adaptable labor market, mobility in this project becomes imperative in order for students to become aware of the fact that they need professional training to succeed in life and not to abandon school.The main objectives of this project are aiming at the access to to a quality professional training for students who belong to less developed economic or social environments, students who do not have the opportunity to get a “real” job due to the small number of companies in the NV of Romania (a former mining region in Cavnic and a former industrial area in Dej). Therefore, these mobilities would improve the objectives of this project which regard developing key skills during the transition from school to work and teamwork. The project will also enhance communication skills in a foreign language, in tourism, in the field of services and behavioral skills which are so necesssary for these students who live in rural areas. We set these objectives according to the European Union’s goal in decreasing school drop outs, a common phenomenon in the North-West of Romania. In this regard, the project aims to prepare students who will be capable to provide quality services after their internship in Portugal or Spain. Activities in this project regard pre-training (before internship), pedagogical-linguistical-cultural training related to hotels/restaurants in Portugal and Spain. The results of of the training will be certified, validated and evaluated by assessors from AEA -Portugal si CPIFP Hurtado de Mendoza. The expected results from the mobility period are: to improve the professional skills of 84 participants in hotels and restaurants, to develop communication skills in a foreign language (English, Spanish/Portuguese), to learn new skills related to hotel services and attending customers, to acquire 84 Europass Mobility Certificates. Teamwork of the participants in a foreign environment will lead to the development of their personal experiences subsequent to the professional development to meet European market require-ments. Other expected results are connected to carrying out two ECVET partnerships projects (MoU and LA for the next two years), dissemination materials, CD’s, leaflets, brochures. Long term expectances focus on the individual- a qualified professional, an adaptable person who can cope with all changes on labor market. Teamwork of the participants in a foreign environment will lead to the development of their personal experience which is important in their life in order to overpass socio-economical distress and also to meet European market requirements. Related to our College, we foresee the development of international cooperation and the power to challenge many secondary school graduates with our specializations, in order to attend our courses. The grounds of this project will be strenghten by implementing a consortium project ( with oter technological highschools from our country), by disseminating and implementing the project at a regional/national skale in order to provide internships for possible VET students.
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