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ECVET system for no borders in the green Economy sector, supporting employability, adaptability and European mobility in VET Systems and Labour Market

Many different EU Recommendations highlight that, VET Systems are called to enhance the employability and adaptability of people, and to increase the mobility of learners and periods of learning abroad. At present, the lack of shared methods for the assessment, transfer, validation and recognition of learning outcomes, and the lack of flexibility of training solutions, are delaying the full integration of the labour market and a lifelong development of human resources capital, hindering the development of career paths and the maximization of competences and skills gained in different contexts.The VET systems are required to undertake an intensive process of "adaptive change" for the adoption of training solutions (common methodologies for the assessment/transfer/validation and recognition of L.O.) compatible with VET systems & EU devices. Specifically in the VET field arises the problem of operating for greater transparency, of certifications in order to make them really a valuable support to people and workers that move, work and study in Europe.In order to provide tools for the management of ECVET- compatible experiences, this project is based on the result of an acknowledged best practice of the N.E.T.WORK. The ECoVET project aimed therefore to make an adaptation and transfer of a methodological-operative framework and a of a working process on professional qualifications - already recognized by ISFOL and Europe - in order to test it in different geographical, educational and sectoral contexts.In particular, the transfer that was proposed in the ECoVET project was towards the green economy sector, profile named “HIGHER TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING FOR ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY AND SAFETY IN COMPANIES/FIRMS”, which demonstrated to be relevant in all partners countries for the investments in terms of capitals, human resources and involvement of stakeholders and key actors of VET, socio-political and productive systems. Therefore the envisaged impact has been high in terms of repeatability in different contexts. The results and products have been a tool-kit (ECoVET KIT) containing: Description of the training profiles by L.O. and units validated by the partnership;-Quantification/attribution of credit points;-Definition of L.O. verification systems;-Constitution of partners’ MoUs for the experimentation.

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