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ECVET network for Tourism and Catering

The Leonardo da Vinci network ECVET TC-NET is a network project forthe development and elaboration of the ECVET system for the tourismand catering industry in Europe. Tourism and catering is one of the mostimportant economic branches in Europe and provides for more than 7million jobs in Europe, however especially this sector is relying very muchon flexibility and mobility of work force. This is the main reason for thedevelopment of the ECVET model as a basis for mutual recognition andtransparency of competences and learning outcomes. In a networkconsortium which reflects the tourism and catering sector characteristics(where large parts of the training programs are implemented as corporatetraining in hotels, tourist centres, spas, cruise ships, etc.) which includedtourism schools, VET providers, colleges, university colleges, hotels,cruise ship companies, labour force providers and associations the mainactivities planned are the implementation of a baseline survey ofcompetences and learning outcomes needed in the tourism and cateringsector. On this basis a competence grid for all relevant competences willbe developed which forms the cornerstone of the ECVET modelelaborated. The model will be presented in a detailed handbook forimplementation together with supporting documents like a Memorandumfor Mutual Trust and a draft for a ECVET certificate. All activities areembedded in a comprehensive quality management strategy andsurrounded by a sustainable strategy for dissemination and exploitation.The network as such follows an enlargement strategy throughout thewhole funding period and will be developing a detailed and feasiblesustainability strategy for the time after the funding period.The main impact aims refer to the training providers and schools in thetourism and catering sector, companies and work force providers whichreceive a model for mutual recognition and accreditation for vocationaltraining and learning outcomes.Thematic Domain / Topic: Tourism and catering sector in Europe
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