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ECVET Earthbuilding Europe • Provide Instructions and Resources for Assessment and Training in Earthbuilding
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

For the first time, professionals of the construction sector and of VET and HE from 8 European countries analyse together the crafts and trades already or potentially using earth as a building material, with the aim to develop (1) units of learning outcomes and (2) ECVET certification procedures, for EQF levels 3 to 6.This process will result in a synthesis of a huge part of the European building cultures, which are closely related to earthen architecture. It will also lead to the compilation of recent innovations in the use of earth based building materials.Thus the PIRATE consortium addresses the European wide social demand for more environmentally friendly construction materials and techniques for new houses and for restoring and retro-fitting of existing. The focus will be the development of lifelong learning opportunities for sustainable building. Earth has a high potential for answering the challenges that the construction sector has to deal with (Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and Council on the energy performance of buildings).The consortium produces the following tools and resources:- a common-core syllabus for earthbuilding activities in traditional crafts and trades- a European-wide earth building matrix of ECVET units with assessment criteria, for EQF levels 3 to 6, and compatible with ECTS, both for earth bricks masonry and monolithic earth walls, available in 8 languages- guidelines for the process of certification in each participating country, and with qualification already launched in least in 3 countries (FR, DE, UK), with due respect to ECVET principles and quality standards.These results will- improve access to new skills for learners and offer them flexible learning pathways- increase competitiveness and creativity of SME’s and autonomy, self-fulfilment and employability of workers- lead to better understanding of ECVET within VET providers and key-actors- reinforce the co-operation between the actors involved.
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