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The reasons for development of the ECVET-EcoQualify project could be described in the following aspects: - The expanding organic retail sector which needs qualified workers and managers, respectively teachers/trainers who will teach them;- In response to the recommendation of the European parliament to promote ECVET ‘involving VET providers’;- Changes in VET teacher/trainer’s role, and using the competence-based approach and learning outcomes;- Need of implementation of new methodological and didactic approaches and innovative training methods, including e-learning. The main aim of the ECVET-EcoQualify project is to create a training course for teachers/trainers and tutors/instructors oriented to offer them the abilities needed, so that they will be able to design, plan and distribute ECVET and EQF-based training courses in the field of organic food retailing, including e-learning. The specific objectives of the project are:- Translate and adapt of the EQF and ECVET for EcoQualify to NQF of partner countries;- Analyze, compile and define didactics and methodologies for training of teachers/trainers and tutors in organic sector based on the “EcoQualify” QAS and following the EQF and ECVET learning outcomes approach;- Piloting the on-line training course and collect feedbacks for its improvement;- Define of Community of Practice shared interests and manifest a common cooperation agreement among stakeholders of VET in organic retail sector in order to produce a market oriented training course.ECVET-EcoQualify addresses the Priority titled: Support to initial and continuous training of VET teachers, trainers, tutors and VET institution managers (LEO-TraInno-8). The target group includes teachers and trainers, VET providers of services and trainers in the field of lifelong learning. The target sectors are education, agriculture, organic trade and retailing, ecological field and food safety. In fact, we refer in particular to a very specific sector – organic food retailing which is characterized with a gap of well qualified teachers/trainers and tutors. The partnership involves 9 partners across 5 European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, and Italy) and 1 country in accession (Turkey). The consortium consists of a selection of specialized organizations that cover various working fields of the project. The main products will be: - Comprehensive and detailed methodology for EQF and ECVET-based training courses for organic food retailing according to the EcoQualify Quality Assurance System; - Guidelines for VET institutions in organic sector;- Training course and training materials for it (including e-learning);- Social Network Platform for Community of Practice. In general, it is envisaged that the project activities will enhance the competence of VET trainers in organic retail sector, contributing to the establishment of generally accepted qualification and training standards.
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