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Ecumenism si voluntariat social pentru o carieră de succes
Start date: Dec 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The “Ecumenism and social volunteering for a successful career” project initiated by a VET consortium,made up of three Theological high-schools and Seminaries from the Western and North-Western region,project coordinated by the Theological Orthodox Seminary of Arad–as applicant,the Orthodox High School “Bishop Roman Ciorogariu” from Oradea and the Pedagogical School “Carmen Sylva” from Timisoara, Orthodox Theology Department, as members of the consortium, came to life from the need for change and adaptation of the didactical path for approaching the themes of Ethics and Spirituality, which can develop competencies,values and attitudes,according to the actual needs of the contemporary society for the clergy and other servants of the church.That is why the present project would offer the students of the schools mentioned above,the opportunity to learn to apply in an ecumenical real context what they are being thought on a theoretical level.The objectives of the project:1.Gaining the knowledge and practical abilities to apply in a missionary,pastoral and liturgical context,of the Christian moral teachings,in order to successfully integrate the students in the religious communities.2.Constructing the abilities for organising educational programs with a significant impact over the spiritual development of the young people.3.Consolidating the religious cooperation with other Christian churches,in the spirit of tolerance,ecumenism,cultural and linguistic dialogue,of mutual respectContents:1.Social programmes for person with special needs2.Educational programmes for youngstersThrough the practical activities of the NGO, the participants will fiind solutions which will be adopted by the representatives of the church, in order to face the problems of the contemporary society, following the pattern of the similar practices in the Catholic Church from Spain and Portugal. Throughout these activities, the students could learn to adopt different methods, adapted for each situation as: psychological support, development of the programmes for youngsters and for the persons with special needs, philanthropic and social activities, pastoral visits for spiritual conversation and cooperation, attracting persons in activities to promovate them in the community,volunteering for the communitiy, learning how to find solutions for material support, organising recreative activities as pilgrimages and other activities. Partners in project:Receiving organisations: Almanjáyar en Familia și Plataforma Voluntariado din Granada, Spania, Associacapo de Pais e Amigos das criancas Inadaptadas și Centro Social da Paróquia de Arcozelo din Barcelos, PortugaliaIntermediate organisations: M.E.P. Europrojects Granada, Spania, Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade, Barcelos, PortugaliaThe placement will be realised in three waves:- wave 1:sept. 2017 in Spain-12 students (each school from the consortium represented by 4 students) + 1 accompanying teacher from the Theological Orthodox Seminary of Arad- wave 2: sept.–oct. 2017 in Portugal -12 students (each school from the consortium represented by 4 students) + 1 accompanying teacher from Orthodox High School “Bishop Roman Ciorogariu” from Oradea- wave 3:october 2017 in Spain:12 students (each school from the consortium represented by 4 students) + 1 accompanying teacher from Pedagogical School “Carmen Sylva” from TimisoaraResults:- knowledge, practical abilities for applying in a missionary, pastoral and liturgical context, of the Christian moral teachings- abilities for organising educational programs with a significant impact over young people.- 36 students capable of developing educational programmes on controversial issues in other vocational high-school from the three counties- cultivating of the linguistic and intercultural abilities, of tolerance and religious mutual respect for the participants in the project- graduating the programme with an exam of professional competencies by the 36 students participating in the project- developing an intervention programme for the people in need by each participant, programme to be presented by each student during the evaluating interview - the booklet “The Good Samaritan–How are we helping those in need? ”- making a compendium of four educational programmes on controversial issues, realised by the participants ”Educational programmes in the light of faith” which will be presented in other schools of the three counties- photo exhibition- disseminating products: the CD of the project, pp presentations, posters (10 pieces), flyers (100 pieces),mass-media articles (5 articles),facebook presentations,on the web page of the school and the making of the web page of the project- organising an interregional conference on the level of the West and North-West Euro regions in which high-school students from the Euro regions mentioned above should participate in: “Learning through mobility project-the premises for carrer success".

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