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ECP - Career Strategy Development - European Career Passport

The project will develop a tutor-based career planning system as well as a "European Career Passport" or ECP to act as a record of personal goals, aspirations and achievements resulting from a personal analysis. Designed to optimise career choices, the system will assist young, adult or ageing job seekers and/or employees to select learning and working pathways that match employer expectations with the availability of vocational training. The project will develop careers advice methodology, using a computer-based personal analysis tool, a prototype European Career Passport and guidelines for the training of tutors. Although the exact format is yet to be determined, a prototype European Career Passport instrument will be developed (possibly on-line) with different access for tutors, clients and employers within the limits of data protection legislation, and will be further connected to a database on courses and jobs. Each individual record will contain the results of the personal analysis and an individual action plan, plus an outline of personal goals and existing qualifications. A pilot phase of the developed products will lead to the eventual introduction, in EN, of the two key outcomes: the ECP and the Tutor Training Guidelines, each to then be considered for partner translation as required. End products will be directly promoted to potential users such as vocational training bodies, SME's and employment services from start of the project. During the second half of the project, information will also be circulated to potential multipliers, to include European project networks and economic development agencies.
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