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ECONAT: Transfer, dissemination and consolidation of a good practise model to manage Natura 2000 Network.

Project Goals: 1. Transfer a new professional ability to have access to the needs of labour market in relation with the management of EU Natural Environments and the Natura 2000 Network, using the results of the Natura-Net project. 2. Adapt the contents of the tools to be transferred to new socio-cultural and linguistic contexts and to the needs of the target users. 3. Promote the integration of the new learning within labour activity. 4. Maximise the involvement of all the actors in the sector. 5. Promote the equal opportunity principle in the work areas.Characteristics of the consortium: The Association has experience in transnational cooperation projects. It has been constituted with 6 partners from 5 countries in order to achieve a wide transfer of the project and contribute to its enrichment.General description of the results: 1. Adapt the transferred products to the needs of the groups in every country and translate them into the languages of the partners. 2. Implement a Testing Action with 8 students and a final assessment carried out by a training technician in every country in order to verify the validity of the transfer. 3. Elaborate and edit the project products starting from the adaptation of the transferred products. 4. Organise dissemination actions in every partner country. 5. Elaborate a multilingual Website as a working tool between partners, target groups & trainers. 6. Elaborate 4 Internet informative newsletters to promote the information and the impact. 7. Elaborate a multilingual brochure to contribute to the project dissemination. 8. Sign adhesion letters to achieve the participation of entities and social agents in the project.Foreseen short-term impact: Awareness, qualification and access to employment. Promote multidisciplinary teamwork to help continuous training processes. Supersede professional and social barriers when accessing to employment. Validate the transferred experiences in the countries of the Association.Foreseen mid & long term impact: Favour the transfer to promoters, entities & social agents from other countries; improve the individual competences of the target groups; facilitate the elaboration of a framework for the dissemination and transparency of the transferred formative model.

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