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Ecological Citizen of Europe
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ECO-EU is a multilateral Erasmus Plus(KA2) Schools-only strategic partnership composed of five schools and their contributors from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland and Slovenia which aims to develop new learning materials, improve the curriculum and transfer innovative practices and methodologies in ecology education, and make students to gain new skills and to be ready for their future jobs while improving their awareness about European citizenship and ecological problems. ECO-EU believes that the problems we face today are caused because of the people’s desire to control the nature. The project wants to change our understanding of the nature and society. People should learn to live together in peace with the environment. It also needs a transformation in the beliefs, attitudes and behavior of individuals. Those who respect the diversity in nature will respect the diversity in the society as well. So if we teach the students not to fight against but live in peace with the nature we will also be able to teach them to respect the diversity of cultures. We can live in peace with all the cultures. ECO-EU also believes that ecological citizenship is an essential prerequisite of a sustainable society and a sustainable environment. Thus, each of us is a part of a larger system, and our future depends on each one of us acting responsibly towards the environment. Developing instruments to save energy, recycling, planting, visiting factories, web page designing, writing an ecological contract, preparing a project poster, a leaflet, a magazine, and a photo album, pod-casting, creating a blog, making a video clip, surveys and visiting partner schools are the main activities students will be doing through the Project. They will also join four teaching, training and learning activities which are forest management (in Slovenia), ecology rules here (in Poland), best practices(in Spain), and bio-products and eco farming (in Italy). 4 students and three teachers from every partner school will join these activities and receive a certificate. We will share the best practices with the partner schools and with a joint effort we will develop the course materials and write offers to improve the curriculum. There will be only one Transnational project meeting and it will be held in Turkey. The other project meetings will be online and every three months. ECO-EU guaranties open access to the project results. Project partners are in contact with ecology related NGOs and these organizations will take part in the project as contributers. They will improve the quality of dissemination. ECO-EU signed a protocol with the Municipality of Elazığ. They will take responsibility in disseminating the results too. A web page, an exhibition, a project magazine, a leaflet, a brochure, school's web page and magazine, a project blog and an offers report which will be shared with the decision makers will be the basic disseminating tools ECO-EU will help students and teachers to improve the key skills such as proficiency in a foreign language, communication, and adaptability and it will help partner schools to be greener, smarter, and sustainable. The Project favors the contribution of disadvantaged students too, and all these effects will be long lasting. ECO-EU is a strong partnership. Because project was formed quite a long time ago in September 2014 and the issues have been discussed since. Students and the contact persons have already made some on line meetings too. Every partner has links to organizations that work in the field of ecology, and these organizations will take part in the Project as contributors. Being an experienced and successful coordinator, we believe in the success of the Project by hearth.
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