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ECOLL – Lifelong learning in ecotourism development

The project partners aim at developing and establishing a wide transnational cooperation in the field of ecotourism, with work programmes concerned with education and training to the specific professional tasks and roles, and based on a common perception of the importance of a sector which generates approximately 7% of all international travel expenditure and is growing at an estimated 5% per annum. The main objective of the project is therefore to develop special training programmes based on the methodological strategies of lifelong learning and inspired by the definition of ecotourism as a “purposeful travel to natural areas to understand the cultural and natural history of the environment, taking care not to alter the integrity of the ecosystem, while producing economic opportunities that make the conservation of natural resources financially beneficial to local citizens”. The activities of the present action are interested in promoting deeper and wider programmes on ecotourism in basic training of VET systems, specific and upgraded training courses for people already working in the field and at all levels (from guides to entrepreneurs), differentiated training courses for people living in potential ecotouristic areas. The partners’ consortium compares and evaluates the existing qualifications and certifications, defines basic (formal, informal and non formal) competences, elaborates new teaching methodologies and materials, tests their validity and promotes their dissemination. The use of ICTs is planned in all the work phases: they are considered as the main tools of the project, useful to improve the competitiveness of rural areas, to promote and test the contents of the training programmes, to promote transparency and qualifications, even to improve self confidence.
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