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ECOA – L’Europe des COnjoint(e)s d’Artisan(e)s: vers une reconnaissance des acquis formels et informels par la formation et l’information

The project very specific contents are of a particular nature: the role of managers in SMEs is always recognised and his / her leading responsibility / position hides the significant role that sometimes their wives / husbands play in the enterprises management and forgets the juridical, social recognition of their competences and expertise. The professional sector of artisans is particularly interested in the problem because of the lack of real certification procedures and even of concrete opportunities to produce justifications of jobs and of working lives. A new, additional social problem underlines the difficult position of men and women who, after a divorce or a death, unexpectedly find themselves outside the labour market, without a qualification and a professional recognition of their job. The project aims therefore at 1) analysing the problem in the national contexts; 2) comparing roles, tasks, expectations, specific needs of wives / husbands working in SMEs with roles and tasks hidden by the leading position of their husband / wife manager; 3) elaborating specific training modules and methodologies to produce national and transnational recognition of skills, common procedures for the validation of specific and sometimes very high key competences; 4) creating an information website with the aim of giving different kinds of supports to people who lose their work for the above said reasons; 5) defining additional training and re-training modules to give them new and alternative work opportunities.
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