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Start date: Nov 15, 2015, End date: Jan 14, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In project"Eco-Young-Inclusion" taking part two partners:Vertigem from Portugal and FRSP from Poland.The project is designed for 8 volunteers in total.The first mobility concerns on long-term activities(6 months)spearated to 2 stages for 2 regular volunteers.1st volunteer will start service on October 2015, 2nd on January 2016. We also would like to engage 6 volunteers with fewer opportunities for shor term activities.Short-term volunteers will come to Vertigem in 3 stages in pairs, for period of 59 days. First couple of volunteers will come on May 2016, second on July 2016 and the third one on September 2016. The whole service will take place in small village Portela Vale de Espinho near to Bezzerra i Arrimal cities. Face to the new challenges that are placed to XXI century youth, like global warming, lost of biodiversity, health and social protection, it’s necessary to have innovating answers that allow adequate opportunities to the personal realization in a context of solidarity, social cohesion and sustainability.Basing on non-formal education this project proposes to young volunteers an active participation in the main themes: Environment and Rural development, and challenges them to reinforce, by their participation, cultural diversity and social inclusion.With the involvement of volunteers from different countries, from other cultures and with other experiences and with the inclusion of disadvantaged youth, are created the conditions to an intercultural dynamic based on cultural diversity and in an inclusion strategy that brings value to personal identification and general sense of solidarity. Participation in our project let the volunteers to have a formative process based on non formal methods,that we can synthesize in the expression"learning by doing".The activities proposed establish connection in three sources(leisure, educational and labour), aiming at the contact and direct experience with the environment in rural area and have as main goals: -Promote environmental awareness, in order to engage in the community good practical environmental norms; -To develop areas of information, awareness and enhance good practical environmental norms; -Providing opportunities for training and education for young people with interest in ecology, nature, biodiversity and opportunity to learn several techniques that will allow to work in the environmental area; -Contribute for building international volunteering, to provide to the volunteers a new way of living; -Cultural exchange and create interest about other cultures; -Promote social inclusion, to increase the self-esteem, the self- confidence of youth; -Support the groups in the prevention of fire in forests and reforestation; -Promote values of respect, tolerance and equality. Activities in frame of "EYI"project are developed in partnership with other local entities (Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros (PNSAC), Municipality of Porto de Mós, other local entities and organizations.We will enable our volunteers to interact with local community by giving volunteers a very different range of activities that our project can offer thanks to the cooperation that Vertigem has with many local organization which deal with different sector of social life(environmental activities,assistance to children and youth,school and education,sport activities and so on). list of proposed tasks 1.Nature Conservation tasks connected Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros (PNSAC) 2.Wild Birds Monitorization 3.Bicycle Patrollers 4.Agricultural park 5.House of the reused bottles 6. Realization of workshops connected with eco lifestyle and saving our enviroment 7.Realization of workshops about Erasmus+ Programme as well as about EVS 8. Cultural Evenings
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