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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The environment is a concern for all people. Many people are unaware of the problems our planet faces and even more chose to simply ignore the problems. Our project created awareness of environmental concerns and encouraged active participating of people in the environment by starting to make changes at home. The project was designed to allow the participants to understand that making small changes can be made by many people and these changes together make a global change. Similar to building blocks, if we start making changes in our homes and then in our towns and cities we will eventually have change in the EU supporting environmental conservation and a healthier more ecological way of living. Our project will explored the different ways that we as young people can start building eco-cities though the exchange of good practices and learning from each other, by sharing the knowledge and finding solutions for common problems and concerns. We looked at EU policy on the environment, especially the 2020 strategy, and how these policies are upheld on a European and on a local or national level. We questioned why these laws are not upheld and how we as youth we can help make policy reform. We saw that policy reform would be the greatest challenge as access to policy makers was close to impossible for young people, but we learned about the European democratic system, and how we can get the attention of policy makers when we work together. Our project explored all the resources available to our young people in each of their countries and also the possibilities available to us to help us create ecologically friendly habitats starting from our homes and expanding to our town, cities, countries and eventually all of Europe. We learned the importance of making the correct ecological choices in every aspects of our lives from minimising our waste, to reusing items and even upcycling. We learned how small changes at home like saving water, using eco-friendly appliances and much more could have a great impact on our environment. We learned that conservations started with us, and that together we can make a huge difference. We took what we learned and we shared it with our peers and friend, making sure we see a difference in our towns and cities.
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