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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project entitled “Eco-Action” was focused on the theme of climate change addressed by concerned and proactive European youth. It is young people's duty to plug in this generation with increasingly strong social and environmental awareness, the energy and knowledge to lead our societies towards climate resilient future. The rapid environmental change demands that human beings not only think in terms of weeks, years and decades but across generations. Thus it is clear and right that the children and youth of this world have a say in their future, not just because of the expected future impacts but because their ability to define and deliver answers and downright determination could make a significant difference in avoiding the worst outcomes of climate change which currently appear to elude the existing generation of leaders across governments, corporations and adult citizens. Within Eco-Action project, we attempted to raise eco-thinking of young Europeans, educate them on the topic of climate change, sustainability and witness global warming effects of the melting of the ice cap in Greenland. The main objectives were: - to promote the pro-ecological way of living in Europe thanks to the use of social media and the intellectual outcomes of the expedition of young people to Greenland - to teach young people that through creating intentional groups we could more efficiently tackle the contemporary social issues - presenting Greenland as an integral European territory, and involving young Europeans into caring about this land - fostering cooperation between young people from Europe, Denmark and Greenland. The project involved total of 19 participants from Denmark, Turkey, Poland and Italy, who spent 10 days in Greenland from September 29th to October 8th 2015. During the project we recorded a number of videos. They are being shared on youtube and other social media websites. Thanks to involving a Polish Youtube celebrity as a polish participant the videos are reaching over 50 000 views and are stemming in the project success (so far 4 videos uploaded in Polish language reached 100 000 views).

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