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Echanger, communiquer et mutualiser sur les pratiques dans les métiers du commerce et de la fleuristerie pour parfaire la formation de nos apprentis et augmenter leur chance d'intégration sur le marché du travail.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At La Louisière we train future professionals but also and mostly we do our best to educate tomorrow’s citizens. Aiming for a global training of our learners is the objective we give ourselves. This citizenship learning is possible for us thanks to the Erasmus internships. It is a great educational leverage that enables us to open practical connections between subjects taught in class and real life. Written in the training programme this internship is relevant for the professional and personal development of our students. Professional, because during their apprenticeship our students work in the same company for 2 years. Consequently, during their Leonardo internship they discover a store with new methods and practices/habits. It’s not about having them judge a way of doing but rather having them observing, analyzing and comparing what they come across on the field. In our opinion, our level IV students are not subordinates anymore, but they can and are able to analyze their environment. This capacity for observation is essential for our trainees (florists or sales assistants) in that they have to realize the necessity of being vigilant and aware in a hard economical and highly competitive context. The discovery is also personal, finding oneself while in another environment is discovering ones adaptability, integration capacity… For a lot of them, this internship is thought of as an adventure. These singular and individual experiences offer a great opportunity to forge bonds. It’s because they are individually separated from their class mates that they will become close and create a real group dynamics when they come back. This internship creates connections, bonds among the trainees, but also among the entire educational team and between the trainees and the educational team. This experience is for the whole educational team eminently informative because it makes us reconsider our position as trainors: from someone that transmits information we become a guide and we accompany our trainees throughout this unique experience that they will have to live on their own. This 2 week internship is a project carried out during the entire school year: a semester of preparation beforehand (from September to January) and a semester to process and mutualize their experiences and the data collected (from March to June). The internship may seem short but that is the highlight of their two years of training. This opportunity is directed to all the students of the classes. It has been active for 8 years with the Florist apprentice during their 1st year of BP). Since 2015 we decided to expand this opportunity to our 1st year Sales Assistant. Our trainees will work in companies directly linked with the profession they are learning here. The tasks they have to carry out appear on the intership agreement. While preparing for their trip, other than getting the organizational aspects ready (means of transportation, accommodation…), we encourage them to plan cultural visits as well. During their internship, the trainees will have to gather information to create two studies. Once back at school, the information collected will be individually assessed, shared with the class and finally evaluated by a professional jury composed of 2 people.The goal of these studies is really to help and guide the students to observe and question their environment, as well as bonding with the people working in the company. Through all these different experiences what we really want is for this trip to be a springboard to their professional mobility after their training. The year after their internship, during their orientation week, our trainees have the chance to welcome a consultant from “La Maison de L’Europe” (organization promoting mobility all over Europe for students or adults). In addition, our florist trainees will go on a field trip in Brussels to visit the Parlamentarium, The European Parliament, visit the companies where some of them were interns and more importantly attend the Alden Biensen Floral Trade Show. This professional internship is an advantage for each student on many levels. But clearly it’s an attractive asset to have for a School the size of ours among the other activities and classes we offer. Indeed some students join our training programme because they have the possibility to go abroad in their training field. An indicator is that some of the students we have come from outside the school county especially for our Florist Training Programme but also for the Erasmus internship. Being able to offer the possibility to discover Europe is a way of bettering our Educational programme and opening our student’s and our staff’s personal and professional horizons. We hope the Leonardo internship will be an outer success with our Sales assistant trainees as it has been for 8 years with our Florist trainees.
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