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Echange Franco Autrichien
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project was born in 2011. M. Pfeifer and I started to exchange mails to talk about what we wanted, that is to say allow pupils or apprentices to spend two weeks in a car dealership abroad. As you can be taught Car Mechanics in both schools, we agreed very quickly. The main objective is to show our pupils a different culture and new working methods in Car Mechanics. We wanted to take twelve pupils to Austria, so that they could spend two weeks in dealerships for their work placement. Two teachers went with them to make sure that everything would be all right during the stay. Our pupils have been studying Car Mechanics for almost two years, and they will still have one more year to study to pass their final examination and be graduated. They are very enthusiastic and eager to discover new working methods. In 2012, I went to Austria with two colleagues in order to visit the school we wanted to work with and dealerships that could greet our pupils for a work placement. We met everyone involved in this project and we agreed on the way we wanted the exchange to be organized. In 2013, M. Pfeifer and two teachers came to France. They visited our school and dealerships that could greet their apprentices for a work placement. This second meeting made us realize that our project was to be organized because everyone involved in it was very motivated. From May 30th, 2015 to June 13th, 2015, we greeted sixteen apprentices and two teachers. Their work placement was done in dealerships and cultural visits have also been set up. We have taken twelve pupils and two teachers in Austria for two weeks in 2016. The pupils were greeted by dealerships for their work placement and cultural visits were organized. M. Pfeifer and I exchanged a lot of mails to maintain a good communication, and this close collaboration allows us to know about problems that could occur and to find a way to solve them. We also listen to each other's wishes so that we can grant them as much as possible. The impact and the results of this project were felt on pupils and apprentices, on teachers and on our schools. The pupils were lucky to spend two weeks in a dealership abroad. As far as the teachers are concerned, they were happy to see their pupils motivated and eager to discover many things. Besides, they were able to observe other ways of teaching. Finally, the schools took advantage of this, because people know that this kind of exchange can be organized, which can motivate pupils-to-be and make them eager to experience the same thing. The school will be seen as dynamic and open on the international world. In the long run, we hope that this project will be durable and will allow everyone involved to live an extraordinary professional and personal experience. It will give us the opportunity to apply what we will undoubtedly have learnt in our everyday life.

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