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EC VET Portal for Promotion and Mutual Recognition of Massage Professions in Europe
Start date: 01 Oct 2012,

MaecVET refers to following situation in massage professions:• There are no valid and comparable data available concerning the content, level, duration, legal frameworks, certificates and diploma etc. of massage professions in Europe• There are also no attempts made so far to establish recognition and accreditation systems for certificates and diplomas of massage professions between the European countries (EU policies such as ECVET or EQF are so far not applied in this area)• It is almost impossible for masseur trainees/learners to compare different education offers in Europe and therefore to decide for the most appropriate one; there is also no guarantee that certificates/diploma will be accredited anywhere abroad.• Health and wellness industry is lacking of professional masseurs but due to above described situation VET markets can not satisfy this demand properly• Massage professions are not well organized on transnational level and they are lacking from strategies, lobbying and instruments for improving their situationTherefore MaecVET provides following outcomes/results:• "State of the Art Report" of masseur VET programmes and professions in Europe• "Recognition Map for Massage Professions in Europe” containing relevant information about VET programmes in Europe, allowing their comparison and the recognition of diplomas/certificates (based on ECTS, ECVET and EQF frameworks)• "MaecVET E-portal" providing all data, information, services and instruments of the Recognition Map (including EU policies); the portal has also an exchange platform for masseurs, VET/higher education providers and potential job givers for masseurs from all over Europe; there they can meet and exchange offers and services based on generally agreed descriptions frameworks• Political strategy paper recommending political decision makers and stakeholders how to improve situation for masseurs in long term perspective• All products are produced in ENG, GER, BUL, FIN, ITA, HUN, POR
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