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Eaux de vie et liqueurs en Europe : pour une mobilité transnationale sous le signe du feu !
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In order to train cooks and waiters able to work in famous restaurants with clients from all over the world, we wish to perpetuate the rewarding former placements within the establishments of our European partners. This is the reason why we would like to continue working in close collaboration with our old partners from the Catering Department of Gerona High School and Marina Restaurant Ltd, Malta just as with more recent partners: the Catering Section of Rybnik Technical School in Poland and the Catering Section of Elizabeth Selbert-Schule in Hameln, Germany. Our policy is based on two main principles: - First we wish to perpetuate the existing placement opportunities and develop our list of restaurant partners. We also suggest restaurant placements adapted to the levels and requirements of the Spanish, Polish, German students. - Second, we will plan our cultural and gastronomic exchanges – with a presentation of aquavits from these European countries and regions – so that our students can reuse some of the knowledge they have studied at school. The 20 chosen participants will be placed in restaurants for four weeks in September 2016 with a possible seasonal job before, that is in July and August. The length of this period is in agreement with the diploma (Baccalauréat) reference text. It also enables the students to take full advantage of the placements as they adapt and integrate within the company, work and reuse their knowledge and at last through the assessment of their training period. Each participant will have to discover the products from the host country especially the aquavits: the Catalan ratafia, the maltese madlien and bajtra, the German schnapps and of course the Polish vodka. An interesting point for our trainees will be to discover how the foreign chefs use these products in their own cuisine and possibly how to promote our local products. Furthermore, equipments, instructions, health and safety standards are different from one country to another. When our students come back from their work experience abroad they will know a lot more and they will be able to use this knowledge in their future job and restaurants. We prepare a training placement program together with our partners. We have learnt from the former placements abroad that the supervision by French teachers in the very first days is absolutely necessary. Our students are usually welcomed in the partner school the first day. Our project points to a short stay of the French teacher(s) to make sure that the students can get along on their own. Our students are monitored by local teachers all along their training period. At the end of the students’ stay French teachers go and visit the restaurant and local partner for students’ assessments We await several results for our students after a mobility experience: - A better language use on a professional, cultural and more common level, - Develop their general and vocational knowledge - Improve their knowledge on European aquavits and the use of these in the catering industry - Give the students more chances to pass their final exam - Deliver a EUROPASS to the students so they can attest their training experience abroad and get a job in the EC. For our partners it is also important to: - Have a better knowledge of our School System and vocational organizations - Maintain the number of beneficiary students up to 24. On a short term we also plan to use these European student exchanges as a showcase for our school by issuing these on our web portal (ENT) and present these on the Open School Day as well as on the various catering meetings – either business or with other institutions- that we attend every year.
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