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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Has one of the world's largest economies and the European Union is in a continuous development also brings some problems with this development. The development and care shown by individuals in their own lives competitive job market technology reduces to a minimum. At this point, takes place in the largest neglect nutrition and daily necessities. Pursuing false information including, but not have sufficient knowledge about nutrition, young people gain unhealthy diet or eating habits. In addition to this, the city can not meet until sufficiently focused on young people living with nature, they stay away from the tranquility and energy given by the natural life. Youth living in rural remain far from understanding the opportunities brought by the city life. Both in rural as well as all these reasons our foreign concept to understand the nutrition of young brothers who live in big cities, we started writing our project in order to feel closer to nature and the earth. A total of 38 participants will participate in the project. These countries are Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Estonia, Italy and Turkey. Will create an awareness of healthy eating local and foreign young people. That foreign young people in the city, the report presented to the relevant municipalities in tourism will contribute greatly to regional tourism plan. Things to Giresun with the exhibition will be seen by people of different cultures and countries will also have acquired the information on Erasmus + program. In the institutions to be visited by Project Erasmus + will raise awareness about the program and communication environment with young people from other cultures will be established. This will be an event on the front foot more interested in the structure and functioning of the European Union stakeholders. Turkish culture and traditions through the project, the World Health Organization, UNESCO unwritten cultural heritage, will make a positive contribution to globalization transferred to the participants in the best way. Participants will have seen the place in Turkey's EU process and will get rid of the prejudices against our country. At national level through cultural tourism potential participants will be acquainted with Islam will be established. Travel options in the Republic of Turkey should be done in pencil expenditure during the project should be selected brands. The expenditures to be made throughout the project will contribute to the national economy. Positively the efforts to contribute to the unity of the European Union through the project will be provided. Participants will gain awareness of other cultures under the umbrella of the European Union, if any, will be stripped of prejudice. Participants racism, anti-Semitism on issues such as these will be more sensitive. In this way it will make a positive contribution to the unity of the European Union. Increasing healthy eating culture under the umbrella of the European Union a long-term decline in health spending that occurs UpcomingWhat will contribute indirectly to the union-wide campaign to stay away from bad habits.
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