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Eat and be fit
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

?he project "Eat and be fit" allows 36 young people aged 14 to 25 years from Bulgaria, Romania and Poland to live together for 8 days. The project aims to improve the quality of life of many young people by increasing their competence healthy eating and increased physical activity to make them active European citizens. Project partners such as Public Fund Lom(Bulgaria), Casa de cultura sindicatelor Craiova(Romania) and The Snow Mountain Community Fund(Poland) will work to prevent obesity, overweight and spinal deformities in children and young people. The project will be implemented in the period May-September 2015 in Lom , Bulgaria. The project will involve: Younger people aged 14 to 18 years whose parents are working abroad, and for their cultivation care their elderly grandparents; -Girls and boys from the Roma ethnic group aged 14 to 25 years old; -Girls and boys who are living in institutions with more difficult social and financial situation aged 14 to 25 years old; -Girls and boys, who are interested in a healthy livestyle aged 14 to 25 years old. Participants will meet with several young people aged 18-25 years old who have had weight problems in recent years caused by immobility and poor diet and want to convince more young people about yourself, the risks to which they are subjected during long-term use of "fast food". Using the methods of non-formal education will develop equally their communication skills, teamwork and mobilization of all young people involved in the project, regardless of their ethnic, social, economic and cultural status.The skills and knowledge achieved within the project will be validated by issued in the framework of a project Youthpass, which is fulfilling supported by the 'Erasmus + "EU instruments for transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications. The project creates an opportunity for young people to express themselves publicly and to promote their own values. Participation of young people from three different countries in our partnership project promotes solidarity and tolerance among them and transnational social cohesion. Project results will be disseminated through the Association of Community Foundations in Bulgaria and "Workshop for Civil Initiatives" among more than 50 NGOs in Bulgaria, and our partners will spread to five NGOs in Romania and Poland. At the end of the project participants will create a tear "grandmother recipes", which will be distributed in the virtual space, which the participating organizations have the opportunity to share the results and products of the project to inform about them, to expand the impact of these projects , increasing the impact of the results and justify the EU added value of the program "Erasmus +". And finally, participation in the activities of 36 youngsters within 8 days and the increase of their knowledge, skills and self-esteem through the methods of non-formal education in an area that has a strong impact on young people and the dissemination of this knowledge and experience among their peers from different countries makes them active European citizens involved in public life.
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