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EasyIT European certification of ICT skills for people with mental disabilities

The problem identified by the partnership might be defined as exclusion of mentally disabled people form informationsociety by depriving them of formal structures and tools to undergo assessment of their ICT skills acquired through formal,non-formal and informal education. That is why the main aim of the project is to include this particular group ininformation society and in this way prevent them from becoming the most disprivillaged society members. The main aim isgoing to be achieved by:• development of certification framework, which will allow institutions to run internationally recognized examinations,• creation of online testing environment which will help in assessing ICT skills• creation of administration environment which will help in administrating the whole process• training institutions to run certified examinations and use the tool.Project is addressed to different types of educational institutions and thus to people working there as: teachers,administratives, managers etc. All those institutions are linked to the special education sector (special schools, faculties ofeducation, NGO’s). Long term target group includes persons with mental disabilities, their parents and employers. In orderto ensure the certificate to become European recognized mandate for mentally disabled youngsters number ofdissemination and exploitation activities will be undertaken, among them setting up nets of supporting partners on nationaland international level, organizing international conference, publication and information activities. ECDL Foundationinvolvement in the project as supporting partner – see Letter of Support in attachment, is also the guarantee of high qualityof outcomes and wide dissemination and exploitation activities. The project is going to be realized by the internationalconsortium consisting of five partners representing five different countries (4 MS and 1 ACC). The potential andexperience of all partners, as well as good management of the project will guarantee the success of the project andpopularity of outcomes on national and international educational markets.

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