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Eastern Mediterranean Regional Training Partnership
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the EastMed project is the development of a HEI-level Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), focusing on the region of the Eastern Mediterranean. The MOOC, entitled "EU and the Eastern Mediterranean: Prospects and Challenges", will give an emphasis to the concurrent refugee crisis and energy security, and will be developed and delivered in accordance with ECTS/ESG.Europe and the Mediterranean countries are bound by history, geography and culture. At the crossroads of the European, African and Asian continents, the Mediterranean region presents political and economic challenges that have recently relaunched the debate on Euro-Mediterranean integration and cooperation.However, developments in the 21st century have necessitated viewing it conceptually as a distinct “new” region with specific characteristics.Comprised by Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Turkey, the region is assuming increased significance in world affairs.More specifically, the region of Eastern Mediterranean is currently of vital importance for the EU, due to a number of prospects and challenges. The Eastern part of the Mediterranean is indeed witnessing some of the most intriguing, worrisome and dangerous events in today’s world.Ultimately, understanding the Eastern Mediterranean as a “new” region with the aforementioned characteristics can lead to more prescient analyses of shared regional challenges and, perhaps more importantly, actions and initiatives aiming at cooperation and stability.The project follows an iterative and incremental development methodology, which guarantees successful and timely project implementation through repeated cycles (iterative) and in smaller portions at a time (incremental), allowing partners to take advantage of what was learned during development of earlier phases. EastMed will deliver:-Current Situation Analysis, Needs Assessment, Case studies and Best Practices in Regional MOOCs, which will provide the partnership with a clear and coherent understanding of the end-users' needs regarding the EastMed course, of the state-of-the-art in the development and delivery of subject-related MOOCs, as well as of the pivotal issues and aspects of the regional developments that the EastMed Course should focus on, with an emphasis on the refugee crisis and the energy issue. -Design and Development of the EastMed Course, which will design the EastMed curriculum, modules and assessment as well as relevant Supporting Documents -EastMed Moodle Platform and website-EastMed educational material and digital content (OER), including the EastMed OER Database will actually be a freely accessible e-library,-Delivery of the EastMed MOOC, in accordance with ESG-EastMed Policy Recommendations, which will reflect the project's policy orientation and will include Policy Briefs, and a policy-oriented academic collective volume, exploring in depth the "EU and the Eastern Mediterranean: Prospects and Challenges".It is expected that at least 2700 persons will benefit from EastMed implementation, including:-At least 400 undergraduate students will attend the open, EastMed MOOC during project lifetime.-At least 1200 undergraduate students in the participating institutions will get informed on the EastMed Course-The project will focus in areas of interest for at least 200 academics and researchers in EU studies, IR, Political Science and related fields, and will provide innovative methodologies and tools that can benefit at least 20 e-learning academics, researchers and technicians, as well as ECTS experts and networks around Europe. -At least 100 research associations/organizations, research centres, educational institutions etc.-At least 240 persons will be involved through the EastMed Multiplier Events (Policy Dialogues and Info Days)-One final dissemination event-conference will be held in Cyprus, attracting at least 60 persons.-At least 10 EU networks and projects in relevant fields will benefit from the EastMed intellectual outputsEastMed will establish a wide range of synergies in local, national, regional, EU and international level, diffusing and promoting the concept MOOC mainstreaming through focusing on the crucial role of the Eastern Mediterranean in contemporary international affairs.

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