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Earth calling for help!
Start date: Aug 1, 2011,

Earth calling for help! - Youth exchange that will unite three main aspects of environment.Water-Soil-Trees.Trees alter the environment in which we live by moderating climate,improving air quality,conserving water and harboring wildlife.Plant a tree and you plant your future.How much do youngsters know about the role of trees in our life? How much do we know about the benefits that we can have if there are more trees planted? Should we destroy forests for economy welt? Or there is a simple system for preserving the eco system and at the same time benefit from it? One of the world biggest problems is connected with the access to clean water for drinking for people.There are millions of people on the earth planet without access to clean water for drinking and the ones that have this opportunity do not respect and do not know enough about water meaning.The position of the water in today society,the pollution that the men kind have made,the lack of water in some parts of the world.Do we appreciate the fact of having clean water to drink?Soil resources are critical to the environment,as well as to food and fiber production.Soil provides minerals and water to plants.Soil absorbs rainwater and releases it later,thus preventing floods and drought.Soil cleans the water as it percolates.These are the themes that 40 youngsters from Macedonia,Serbia,Croatia,Bosnia,Italy,Romania,Portugal and Bulgaria will explore for 9 days in Struga, Macedonia.Through non-formal methods of learning,teambuilding,role play and simulation exercise,competitions,workshops and creative work participants will explore environment,learn about it,change behaviors towards water,trees and soil learn to appreciate what nature gave to us.Final day of exchange will be “Earth Day” through local action participants will invite local students to learn and to hear more about this topic. Interesting competition will be made;learning booklet will be published,environmental documentary will be made.
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