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Early intervention through physical activity and the BHRG model to promote future wellbeing of children
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Early childhood is the period from prenatal development to 8 years of age. It is a crucial phase of growth and development, because experiences during early childhood can influence outcomes across the entire course of an individual's life (WHO 2007). In the case of children with developmental delay or already diagnosed disability, it is a vital time to ensure access to interventions that can help them to reach their full potential (UNESCO 2009). In Hungary, the importance of early childhood intervention was first recognized in the 1980s and its practical implementation has become more and more widespread. BHRG Budapest Hydrotherapeutic Rehabilitational Gymnastics (BHRG) Foundation is an accredited institute for adult education, research and methodology with twenty employees working in two locations in Budapest. The foundation has implemented and copyrighted rehabilitation method since 1994 (Lakatos). During the last 22 years, professionals of the BHRG Foundation treated in holistic approach more than 8,000 children with neurophysiologic dysmaturity and developmental disability, among them hyperactive and autistic children, and those with healthy intellectual, but facing difficulties in learning, social behavior and movements. More than 1300 adults have been trained, to give help nationwide.Skólar ehf manages five health kindergartens through service contracts with five municipalities. Our motto is „A healthy soul in a healthy body“ and we emphasize systematically on health, wellbeing and the growth and development of the children. We face more and more children with SEN and different difficulties where early intervention is the key to success. In Iceland there are very few trained and qualified professionals specialized in this field, waiting lists are long and help comes even later, if it comes. Symptoms are manifested in the school, even though we see already the asymmetry, the deviation of children already in the kindergarten. A group of our staff already met the complex model for early intervention, to help children with SEN, organic immaturity and social obstacles in Budapest in 2010. They are convinced of the advantages and efficiency of this methodology. The problem gets more and more crucial and intensive, so we would like to provide 6 persons from our staff special training and opportunity to learn and later use BHRG in their work, in the kindergarten.6 persons will receive training within 3 learning session, lasting 5-5 days each, within 14 months in Budapest . The trainings focus on both theory and practice. In first Course they learn not only to examine the sole most disturbing symptoms as judged by the parents or other professionals (teacher, healthcare staff, social worker etc.) who sent the child to assessment and therapy. More precisely, the first BHRG assessment includes the examination of all age-appropriate functions that appear on the three "big" areas of development. These are: 1) Motor area (gross, fine motor and speech movements);2) Psycho-cognitive area;3) Social area.In second Course they learn: - Recognition of organic immaturity; reasons and its motor, psycho-motor, cognitive and social symptoms.- Difference between ASM and school readiness and other examinations focusing the abilities and competencies of a child.- Acquiring a knowledge of the assessment and evaluation of senso-motor focused ASM.- Information on the theories and researches on school readiness and its opposite.- Overview of the experience of parents and children, who struggle obstacles and problems at school.- Learning the therapy possibilities of organically immature children.In third course they learn a comprehensive assessment system, so called Longitudinal Complex Assessment (LongiKid©) for children of age 36 and 60 months, developed since 2002. This provides a standardized approach and examination and scoring system, that enables the establishment of common understanding and the basis for a comprehensive monitoring process.
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